Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer in the Farm - 2014

This is what I have been busy with this summer. Growing vegetables and some herb plants. The herb plants I believe will attract beneficial bugs and insects. It has been correct so far. The beautiful flowers do attract a lot of the bumble bees. I read review in the Washington Post for books on bumble bees. Bumble bees like their honey bee cousins are essential for pollination. A world without bumble bees will be a hard place. A world devoid of fruits and vegetables?

I bought a few varieties of the herbs as seeds all of them perennial so they come back year after year without any input from me. I planted Spanish and Fernleaf Lavender, English and French Thyme and Sage. I have only recently figured out which of them is which from the flowers. The Spanish Lavender is the one taking its own sweet time to grow.

I was not planning on planting anything besides the herbs this summer but my garden friendly green thumb neighbor gave me a bunch of tomato seedlings and a couple of snake gourd seedlings. I also planted a bunch of cow peas. Those tender cow pea pods are a delight. They are also easy to grow and don't require any special care other than regular watering of course.

Enjoy a few shots of the plants.

Fernleaf Lavender

Fernleaf Lavender flower



Snake Gourd

Snake Gourd Flower

Cow Peas

Cow Peas Flower

The most essential machinery on a farm!

Mini Barn for all the stuff!

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  1. I love the herbs and especially the trellis for the gourds!! I don't have any snake gourd this year -- miss that lovely white blossom. ISG, did you move to a farm!!?? :)


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