Thursday, August 14, 2014

Grain of the Week - 33 - Red Samba Rice

Samba Rice is a grown in Srilanka and the characteristics of the red variety of rice were all shared in this post - Srilankan Red Rice (Basmati).

Brown Rice, Red Rice all have a Basmati Rice Variety. The Red Basmati rice has hardly any odor but the Samba Red Rice has a slight odor that is noticeable when opening the pot the rice has been cooking in but there is no smell when you start eating it. The taste though is far superior to the Basmati red rice and I like this one's texture much better. Washing the samba rice in several changes of water certainly helps.

Red rice is unhulled where the hard outer covering is removed while the inner bran intact which is what makes this rice tastier and more nutritious.

Cooked Samba Red Rice

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