Thursday, May 1, 2014

Grain of the Week - 18 - Rye Berries

Rye is a fiber rich cereal grain which can be used in the same way as wheat. Rye is closed related to barley and is a member of the wheat family. Rye flour is used for baking bread and as a for wheat flour.

The rich fiber content of rye helps in maintaining the sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Mostly Rye a grass is grown is as winter crop in the Northern Hemisphere as it can withstand very cold temperatures. It is grown primarily in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. It does not require fertile a soil like cereal grains. Rye Bread is popular and is still widely eaten in Northern and Eastern. Source.

Rye bread though as not popular as the wheat bread in the US, is still widely available in most stores.

In the US Rye is grown as a cover crop during the winter months as it prevents the growth of weeds. It requires temperature above freezing to germinate but can withstand cold temperatures with snow on the ground.

Where Purchased: MOM's Organic Market.

When buying new grains I typically like to buy them loose at stores which have bulk bins. That way I am not stuck with a huge package of grains that I do not like.

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