Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grain of the Week - 16 - Foxtail Millet - Thinai

Foxtail Millet is an ancient grain of the Tamils - called Thinai in Tamil. Foxtail Millet was a staple in Northern Africa and also in India and China. It was the staple in these places before rice became popular. Foxtail millet grows in dry areas and hence its popularity in the ancient times. In the US foxtail millet was more popular as bird feed than human food, it is available these days in health food stores. Source.

While I was familiar with pearl millet (kambu), foxtail millet got introduced only now. The first time I saw it In Whole Foods here I mistook it for pearl millet in a different color.

Foxtail millet is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber and is naturally gluten free. Perfect as a substitute for rice. It can also be made into dosai and anything that can cooked with rice like pongal, payasam etc.,

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  1. I love this millet. we used to consume this a lot in Japan. I used to make a spicy upma sort of dish with it which I have blogged as well. but these are not easily available here, or may be am not aware. waiting to see what you make of it.

  2. I wasn't aware these are human edible - as you say more commonly known as bird food :) should give this a try next time i am at sprouts of Whole Foods. Thanks for sharing!


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