Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grain of the Week - 15 - Farro

The first time I had Farro was in a Wegman's buffet. It was soft and tasty but still maintained its shape very well. I have been looking to buy Farro ever since and finally found the chance to buy it.

Farro supposedly is the original ancestor of all wheat that we see today. Farro was the main staple of the Romans and is still widely used in Italy. Apparently very popular in the Middle East during biblical times.

Also as far as nutrition goes, Farro has twice the amount of fiber and protein compared to Wheat. As far as gluten, the gluten found in Farro is much lower than in Wheat and hence easily digestible. Source.

From what I have been reading about cooking Farro, looks like it needs some serious soaking. Will let you know how I prepare it.

Where Bought: Whole Foods

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  1. I have to say i'm too lazy, I've been thinking about adding diff. grains to our diet from long time but not doing so.....I guess it's the time I should take a trip to wegmans or Whole food this week. I really like your new grain posts.

  2. Have heard of Farro but never tasted so far... good to hear about it's nutrition profile... Will wait to see how you cook it before i venture buying it :)


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