Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Grain of the Week - 14 - Whole Oats Groats

I have never heard of oats before coming to the US, these days oats are a regular staple as breakfast mostly in the form of rolled oats. Oats with their low requirement for heat and being very moisture tolerant they are grown in Europe mostly. Reason that they are not grown in most Asian countries.

Though I do not quite admit to liking oats I look forward to eating it for breakfast. I have tried making dosai with steel cut oats and they are tasty and crispy.

I have not seen whole oats before, never felt the need to till now. I am eager to cook the grains themselves and also soak and grind them for dosai. At first glance the oats grain are very similar to wheat grains but thinner.

Whole Oats are gluten free but most rolled oats are not marked as gluten free because of the contamination with wheat that are grown in the same fields. See this article here.

Where Bought: Whole Foods

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