Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spicy Oven Roasted Fingerling and Baby Potatoes

Come On! Seriously! What did the humble potato do to deserve this treatment? Sorry! I know you are lost. Let me explain. I came across this news article and you would react in the same way too if you saw it provided you are potato lover yourself.

USDA apparently once again rejected the advances of the National Potato Council and would not budge. About what you ask? Potatoes are still excluded from the list of allowed fresh produce for the Supplemental Nutritional Program for Women (SNAP). The reason being that including potatoes would exclude other "better" vegetables and fruits from being bought with the vouchers that the program provides to its participants.

Looks like the Potato Council could not win its case against the USDA and the potato not just the white but red, purple small, long, round all are still banned but sweet potatoes are not on the excluded list.

Funny right? Though I do not eat vegetables for just their nutritional value but here I am compelled to quote it. Potatoes have Potassium, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium besides the starch. That is not something to sneer at is it? Where did I get the information - from the USDA website of course.

French fries are not the only way to cook a potato which is perhaps the worst way of cooking it and the one that gets the most mileage. They can be be boiled, mashed, roasted all with fantastic results. They are several tasty ways that potatoes are used in Indian cooking. India cuisine would be poorer without potatoes at least IMO.

The vegetable world would be so much poorer without potato among its midst. My favorite vegetable is still a potato, it was when I was young and still is today. I like other vegetables but my favorite always will be the humble potato.

Back in the day when I did not know any cooking but had a great book to read and nothing to munch on, these potatoes are the only ones that came in to fill the void. Peeled, cubed and roasted with some salt and chili powder, they were better than any snack. Can any other vegetable beat that?

No home cook leave alone those in the SNAP have the time and money to be making french fries. USDA in all its wisdom has not seen that. There are several other tastier and healthier ways to cook a potato. Denying them fresh potatoes is like sending these people straight into the arms of the fast food companies to get their potato fix.

Now for the Potato and Barbie Connection,
Do you let your daughters play with Barbie dolls? You should read this article. I tend to agree with these articles mostly because I cannot stand Barbie dolls. What did researchers find out? Girls who play with Barbie dolls - doesn't matter what kind of Barbie, curtail their career ambitions and fall into trap of women stereotypes. On the other hand girls who played with Potato Head thought that could do anything a boy could do.

All the more reason to get potato onto the menu. I know that previous statement did not make any sense but I like the potato.

Now on to the potato recipe,
This is a very simple recipe that could turn potatoes into very tasty snacks with minimum of work. Potatoes are naturally gluten free and provide the perfect food in many ways.

Toss the potatoes with the oil and spices and spread on a baking sheet.
Broil for 10 minutes and then turn and broil for another 8-10 minutes till crisp on the outside.

Spicy Oven Roasted Fingerling and Baby Potatoes
Preparation Time:5 minutes
Cooking Time:15 - 20 minutes
  1. 4 Cups of Fingerling or Baby Potatoes
  2. 2-3 tbsp of basting oil or olive oil + crushed garlic + any herb of choice
  3. 1 tsp of salt
  4. 1 tbsp of red chili powder

  1. Set the oven to broil
  2. Wash and scrub the potatoes and pat dry.
  3. Toss with the oil, salt and the chili powder
  4. Spread on a baking sheet and broil for 10 minutes first. Using tongs turn the potatoes around and broil for another 8-10 minutes more till it reaches the crispness you desire.
  5. Note:I used herbed basting oil, if you are using plain oil, use some smashed garlic + chopped herbs.

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  1. I can finish that plate of spicy oven roasted potatoes rite now, love have some anytime.

  2. Totally agree with you about the humble potato getting all the bad rap Indo. I can't eliminate this vegetable from our diet and don't even think it is necessary. I noticed these fingerling potatoes when I went to Trader Joes today. Will buy and try out this recipe the next time.
    I wasn't a big fan of Barbie dolls and never bought one when my daughter was 4-5 years old. She got a couple of them as gifts for her birthday, but she too wasn't too hooked on to of her friends gave her an American girl doll as a gift for her birthday and we didn't even know it was called American girl doll and that it costed a fortune ;-) I usually gravitate towards books, puzzles and board games for birthdays or other occassions.

    1. Deepa, fingerling potatoes are delicious when roasted. So do buy them the next time you are at Trader Joes.


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