Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grain of the Week - 12 - Wild Rice

When I started this search of grains little did I know that it will be the rice varieties that will surprise me time and again. While I had some idea that there were many varieties of millets that I had know idea about. Little did I realize the amazing variety of rice that is out there.

Wild Rice is this amazing thin and slim long grain black color rice which is perhaps the longest grain of rice that I have ever seen. I have tasted them in salads and cooked it for using in salads. Nutty and slightly chewy this rice is tasty.

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  1. Indo,

    First time had this rice in Costa RIca, served with Grilled chicken.. Yumm it was. Now we cook this at home & served in Salad or with Grilled veggies/tofu/paneer, or with sambar /dal . Absolute favorite of us.

  2. Thought of sharing Indo..



    And wanted to share this too... incase you did not know


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