Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grain of the Week -9 - Amaranth Grain - Rajgira - Punkirai(பூங்கீரை)

This quest for new grains has been interesting. I scan the grain shelves with much more interest and it is surprising the number of grains and seeds that I have never heard of before waiting to be found.

One such find was Amaranth grain. Nutty and tasty and can be easily used in place of rice. It is the seed of a variety of Amaranth plant which has bright red flowers. The variety of Amaranth that is most familiar to us is the perhaps with the tiny black seeds. I am not sure if they are used the same way as the white seeds.

Amaranth grains are gluten free. It is eaten during fasting in Northern India. I is an ancient grain and was the staple food of the Aztecs. It grows even in poor soil and spreads like weed.

Amaranth grain when cooked has a bright sheen. Check this link for the beautiful flower.

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