Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grain of the Week - 2 - Madagascar Pink Rice

Until about maybe few years ago white rice is all I knew. White rice formed the bulk of our diet. Awareness for different rice varieties not just me but most consumers is now causing more rice varieties to be marketed and thereby also keep them in cultivation hopefully. Like with every living thing else genetic diversity is essential to preserving the viability of plant and grain seeds. We as consumers can help keep preserve the diversity by patronizing these not so common varieties of rice and other grains.

I found these beautiful Madagascar Pink Rice in our local Whole Foods Market. I am thinking about a suitable recipe to cook with that will preserve the natural taste of the rice. The more I go around looking for different varieties the more I am surprised by the varieties that are available and it is a shame that only the white rice is so readily and ubiquitously available.

So join me and let's change that as we explore the different types of rice that are available out there.

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  1. Hi ISG,

    Leave it to you to find pink rice -- black I've seen, brown of course, but pink!? Awesome :) From its description on the web I vote for plain steamed rice infused with purest ghee, maybe a salad on the side with a mildly flavored fish... oh my. I'd better quit now before I get too hungry! Can't wait to see what you do!


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