Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dried Figs and Fresh Peaches Smoothie - Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast as we all know is the most important meal of the day. But for a lot of us getting something done that is both appetizing and good is not an easy task. Eating cereal, doughnut or muffins while easy also adds unnecessary sugar early in the morning be it kids or adults. While homemade muffins could be nutritious and not filled with sugar, store bought ones are no better than doughnuts methinks. While I am still debating if eating sugary foods is bad or compared to no breakfast at all.

The day after we came back from India I made oatmeal. We had not eaten it for breakfast for a month so it would be welcomed or so I thought. The look on DD and DD2's faces said it all. After a month of pampering and a wide variety of hot and tasty breakfasts, oatmeal did seem like a punishment. I have turned to oatmeal so many times now that though I don't exactly like it I don't hate it either.

There was an article in the Washington Post about how important breakfast is for everybody and especially school age kids and the many options that are available to provide a good hearty breakfast. By the way did you know Washington Post was bought from the family who owned the paper for more than 80 years by Jeff Bezos of Amazon? Not to digress, If you are interested in what the paper had to say about breakfasts here it is - 'Taking the stress out of weekday breakfasts with kids'. It gives a lot of ideas so if you are one like many of us struggling to come with breakfast ideas for your kids please do read.

Anyway back to the oatmeal, so when oatmeal is on the table what makes it even palatable is the suggestion of a smoothie. For some unknown reason this always makes ups for whatever else that I put up for breakfast.

Smoothie is a gift that keeps on giving. Seasonal fruits with a few dried fruits for the sweetness is all that is needed. I have to tell you though that if you have dried figs on hand you are in for a real treat. With farm fresh peaches available now everywhere you have got to try this smoothie.

If you are open to it add a few spinach or kale leaves into the smoothie for added nutrition. I can't drink the smoothie after I have done that though.

Leaving oatmeal aside, alongside smoothie a couple of toasted whole wheat bread slices with a spread makes for a hearty breakfast.

It is a good idea to have some spreads like these in the fridge/pantry,
  • hummus
  • harrisa
  • home made tomato thokku pickle
  • jams and jellies (the smoothie is sweet so we prefer the savory kind)
  • Dried Figs and Fresh Peaches Smoothie
    Preparation Time:5 minutes if soaking 20 minutes
    Serves: 3
    1. 3-4 Peaches (we used yellow and white) pitted and diced
    2. 4 Dried Figs chopped
    3. 3 cups of milk (we used fat free)
    4. 1-2 cups of ice
    1. Soak the chopped figs in about 1/4 cup of milk for about 15 minutes or so (optional really, you can still blend without soaking).
    2. Take the soaked fig with the ice and diced peaches and a cup of milk and blend till smooth.
    3. Add the remaining milk give another whirl. Pour into glasses and if required add more ice and serve.


    1. Our moms were so good to spend early mornings in the kitchen to make wholesome b'fast spreads for us. Now I want to have such b'fasts but cannot make them except on weekends. Love dried figs. Adding them to a smoothie is a good idea ... I would just zap them coz I love some bits in every mouthful. :)

    2. I have never tried a dried fig... you make it sound very tempting ISG! I'm not one for breakfast and I know we should have it. Does your blender do the job with crushing ice, or do you use a mixie? Waiting for local peaches here :)

    3. delicious sip, would make for a real quick and filling breakfast on the go.. :-)

    4. Wow, healthy smoothie, filling and definitely healthy as well.


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