Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stuffed Croissant Rolls - Kid Friendly

I have gone back to spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the yogurt aisle again. I like to avoid using the vending machine at work. Seriously the stuff in those vending machines is abominable but when those hunger pangs strike... If I have to avoid dropping coins in the vending machine I need to have a proper breakfast and for the 10 AM hunger pangs something like a smoothie or a yogurt. But store bought yogurt is increasingly becoming a minefield to navigate with stuff that I don't need and moreover stuff that I don't know.

Let me explain this on again off again obsession with added sugar in food products. I am generally not averse to sugar and have an addiction for sugary stuff. It is not the addiction or the sugar itself that I am afraid of. If I am eating an oreo cookie or almonnd burfie I know I am eating sugary food and I need to control the number that is consumed.

It is the stealth sugar that I am afraid of especiallyin foods that are considered healthy like the yogurt for example. Most of them have between 16 - 35 gms of sugar about 3 tsp to 7 tsp of sugar and some smoothies have even more. I would not gobble 7 tsp of sugar during breakfast so why should the smoothie I buy have that much sugar? I don't appreciate being tricked is what it is.

Anyway now on to how these Croissant rolls came to be. DD sports after school which means I have to pack a substantial snack besides the lunch. Those of you who pack kids lunches know how difficult that job can be. Easy to eat, tasty and stay fresh for a long period of time. So I was talking to my friend who also has a very active teen. This was her fantastic idea and I am loving it.

DD2 claims it was the best lunch ever (she got it as lunch). DD says all her friends were jealous (OK I made that up).

Store bought croissant rolls and stuffing you fancy. Stuffing has to be dry and not soggy is the only requirement. I had made Turkey Kheema with navy beans and that is a perfect filling and the one my friend intially suggested.

Or this Goat Kheema that gave Sandeepa several meals for the week.

No reason that this should be a kid only lunch box item. It is perfect for adults as a snack too.

Stuffed Croissant Rolls Ingredients
  1. 1 pack ready to bake Croissant rolls (I used Pillsbury Crescents)
  2. About 3-4 tbsp of Turkey Kheema
  1. Place about 1/2 a tbsp of the turkey kheema on each roll.
  2. Roll it out like you would a croissant and bake in a 375F toaster oven for 8-10 minutes or till golden brown.
  3. Let cool and pack for a tasty snack or meal.
Recipe for Turkey Kheema coming up shortly.


  1. Prefect tea time snack, have to make some soon.

  2. Yhey look so good, Shyama's school was just around the corner so never had to pack lunch for her.

  3. My 5th grader loves when stuffing is keema, I usually makes keema patties for her. These croissants looks yummy, but talking of sugar do U also find these crescents from pillsbury little sweet, b'coz of that no one here likes it, but just curious is it only us or there is little sweetness to them.

    Happy hunting on Yogurt front, or how about just taking plain yogurt & mixing your own fruit, just a suggestion.

    1. Spice, I am not really sure if they are sweet or not. I did not get to taste the. The kids seem to like it though. In a pinch they work very well.

      As for the yogurt yes I try to do the fruit/honey/home made combination but some mornings are busier than others and I end up scanning the yogurt aisle at the store.

  4. Hi Indo,

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made them this weekend and it was a big hit at home. For my li'l one who runs away from anything remotely spicy, I spread some nutella and he gobbled up a couple of them. Come to think of it, there are quite a few options that will work as a tasty filling (potatoes+peas,beans+cheese)

    1. Deepa glad to hear that they worked well for you. I had leftover aloo gobi and they came out really well in the roll as well.


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