Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yogurt for Breakfast!

The yogurt aisle at the grocery store is gotten a lot more interesting these days! OK I veer towards European sounding brand names. Don't ask me why? Just that the yogurt that I taste on transit in Europe or in the flights from there always taste so much better.

Anyway last week I buy a yogurt which sounded European but was perhaps made right here in USofA. With a name like Quaker where else can it be. The yogurt contained Milk (of course), Wheat and Tilapia (really?). DD helpfully suggested maybe the gelatine came from the Tilapia.

Anyway if you don't want Tilapia in your yogurt, you could always make it at home.

Some homemade yogurt, drizzle a few swirls of honey. Add a few avrils of pomegranate or blueberries and a delicious breakfast is ready. If you like Greek Yogurt add a couple of table spoons and it can also double as dessert. I am not too fond of Greek Yogurt but home made yogurt with full milk or even 2% milk serves the purpose.


  1. Even I don't buy flavored yogurt because of gelatin ,but tilapia is new for me :) the bowl looks delicious,..

  2. I love this combination too.. and I also stir in chopped "cashew clusters" we get in Costco with some chopped walnuts... very satisfying and tasty.

    I've not noticed tilapia in yogurt before! but i always check the ingredients when it comes to yogurt.


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