Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun Breakfast! Mexican French Toast Rolls

There are those who eat breakfast and those who don't. My family falls into the former category. We I consider eating breakfast to be an essential part of our day. Most weekdays it is a chore to get something ready and if you have a high schooler at home it means breakfast at 6:00AM. So oatmeal makes it's appearance a lot met with moans and groans. Try to be creative and jazz it up with fruits, nuts and dried fruits but oatmeal is oatmeal isn't?.

Nutella and Apricot Preserves
Weekends though is a different matter altogether. Without the rush breakfast can actually be an enjoyable affair and this is when I try out new things. Not that I do it every single week but occasionally I try to make the effort.

I had watched this recipe for Mexican French Toast Rolls on Pati's Mexican Kitchen a few months ago. The time arrived for me to finally give it a try. It is ridiculously simple to make but the payoff is enormous.

savory - with mango thokku pickle, harissa or humus would work too

This recipe lends itself to several different variations - sweet or savory you take your pick. Fresh fruits or preserves or nut butters again there are several options.

Recipe Source:Pati's Mexican Kitchen
Mexican French Toast Rolls Ingredients
  1. 1 loaf whole wheat bread (you can trim the edges or leave them be)
  2. 1 tbsp of butter
  3. Apricot Preserves, Nutella, Mango Thokku pickle - about a few tbsp of each
  4. 1 egg
  5. 3/4 cup of milk
  6. Powdered sugar with 1/4 tsp cinnamon, I did not use cinnamon
  1. Using a rolling pin roll, roll the bread slices so they are flat and thin.
  2. Spread about a 1 - 1 1/2 tsp of any spread you are using and roll them like a cigar.
  3. Make a mixture of the egg and milk and whisk it well with a fork.
  4. Dip the rolls in the egg mixture like you would for French toast.
  5. Heat a skillet and spread it with butter (I just take the stick of butter and rub it once to cover the surface) and when the butter turns hot place the soaked rolls as many as would fit in one layer.
  6. Let it cook and brown a bit on all sides.
Now roll it in the powdered sugar/cinnamon mixture or just sprinkle on top and serve with more preserves or Nutella on the side.


  1. Great recipe Indo. Will definitely try this because TJ's whole wheat bread is a regular at our home and I love their no sugar added strawberry preserve.Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for sharing

    1. Sounds like a plan Deepa. I have not tried Tj's yet. Is the ingredient list short an sweet?

  2. I am my least innovative when it comes to weekday breakfasts.. my husband always eats oats, I mostly eat egg/eggwhite omeletes, my kids eat idli/dosai since that's what they eat quickly (in our county the elementary school is the first to start - so my daughter is the one eating bfast at 6:30am). This looks really tasty and will definitely be a winner.

    1. You live in Fairfax County? This is not hard and comes together very quickly. If you see the link in the article and in the comments section there are several other ideas too

    2. Loudoun county.. Fairfax does not have this policy, from what I've heard from friends who live there.
      Will check out the article.. thank you Indo.

  3. Yes. Trader Joe's Organic Soft Whole Wheat bread has a great texture and fewer ingredients. Also their Organic Strawberry preserve sweetened with grape juice is the only jam/preserve I use at home since my little one eats chapathis, dosas and bread with that jam spread ;-)

    1. Thanks Deepa. We don't have a TJ's close by but not too far either. That is fantastic to have non sugared preserves. I shall make a visit soon.

  4. I like the idea a lot. Everyday it is either toast or oatmeal for us too. This is a good variation.

    1. Absolutely, the kids thought they were being served gourmet food :)


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