Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garden 2012

I have not been that diligent in the gardening department this year. I did not start any seeds indoors. I just sowed them directly in the pots outside.

This plant survived the winter.

Moreover my favorite spring starter Chard leaves where already sprouting when I was ready to sow some seeds. The winter has been mild enough that the ones from last year did not die off.

I just added a few more seeds and they have been growing good. If you are being reluctant about growing try Swiss Chard they are very forgiving and they keep giving back starting May through October.

The new growth.

The gooseberry bushes planted couple of years ago as tiny 6 inch seedlings are bearing fruit.

Can you spot the berries?

These are pretty bushes too!

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  1. You are so lucky tpo have a garden, my sis have one too and i loved her garden; Gooseberries are they the Indian ones.

    1. No Finla, these are the North American kind :)

      The gooseberries back home are big trees.

  2. Garden looks so well taken care of! I have some tomato seeds from the tomato seeds you sent me, it served us all through the year I hope this year it grows like the first one! Gooseberry? Then you have to send me some gooseberry pickle :)

  3. Garden looks lovely Indo, I still have the tomato seeds you sent me, we had a good harvest last year with it, hope this year it comes out as good as the previous ones.


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