Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GO! Occupy Wall Street!

I caught a glimpse a bit of an old B/W movie sitting in my rocking chair enjoying my quiet Sunday afternoon. In the movie, Ronald Reagan the actor was coaxing an errant chimp to climb down the building wall and enter the lab(cage) with an anxious professor in his white lab coat hanging over the window watching.

The Occupy Wall Street movement might as well be about the errant chimp(Wall Street) that Reagan unleashed with his trickle down economics theory and heaping more power and wealth into the hands of the very few. Those in the lower echelons are still waiting for treacle to reach them for the last 30 odd years. The B-grade movie actor made it easy for his Republican minions to be puppets of Wall Street and do the bidding of the big money people which they seem to do without any twinge of conscience. You got to understand they are really following in the footsteps of their beloved leader.

The Democrats and the current occupant of the White House are no better. They are here to do the bidding of the Wall Street benefactors while asking the rest of the populace especially those who cried and rejoiced in his victory to just shut up stop whining and vote for him already.

Most working class people of this country have worked their butts off, trying to save while trying to live, paid their taxes dutifully, followed the advice of the government to invest in retirements accounts, 401Ks only to see it vanish into the pockets of the investment banks and their rich beneficiaries.

They have to work extra hard because their government, president, congress and policy makers will do anything in their power to bail their rich buddies while squandering away the future of millions. It is time to stop sitting and wondering what the heck to do and actually do something.

If you listen to news reports and read newspaper articles you'd think those protesting are a bunch of loonies with nothing better to do. Yes that's what the chattering and ruling class would have us believe. You should read what the Republican contenders had to say about the protests. You'd think democracy is some secret that only works for those running for power or are already in power.

But for the rest of us sitting on a lost decade, for those just out of college struggling to find their first job, for those struggling to hold on to their current jobs and benefits, for those postponing their retirement and preparing the long slog of working well into their golden years - those protesting make a lot of sense.

Go "Occupy Wall Street". Most of us understand what you are protesting about. You are under no obligation to offer solutions. That is what the elected representatives are paid to do.

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