Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick and Easy Pizza

I do not know what it is with pizza and kids! Given a suggestion to eat out or order it always ends with pizza. The adults in the house are not terribly fond of the store bought pizza.

Firing up the oven to cook pizza or for that matter anything else in the oven in the summer is not appealing to me or my power bill. But all this does not mean the talk of pizza by the kids stops.


So an easy pizza with very less oven time had to be devised. Flat breads or the Indian store bought roti or naan provide the perfect base for just such a thing. The kids (and so do the adults) like it a lot and can be put together very easily with a minimum fuss.

You can be as creative as you want with the toppings. The breads are small enough to go into a toaster oven and it is easy enough for the kids to put together themselves.

We used onions and tomatoes as topping. Mushrooms, grilled zucchini, bell peppers, blanched spinach are all good. Since they are going on top of precooked bread make sure the veggies are partially or fully cooked.

Quick and easy Pizza
1. 4-6 storebough Kulcha Naan or Flat breads
2. 1 onions chopped or sliced
3. 1 tomato chopped
4. 1 clove garlic minced
5. 2 tsp chili powder/black pepper powder
6. 1/2 cup of feta cheese (or any cheese)
7. salt to taste
8. 1 tsp oil

1. In a pan add oil and when hot add the onions and saute till they are soft
2.Add in the garlic and saute for a minute followed by the tomatoes and let them get mushy
3. Add salt to taste and the chili powder
4. Set aside

To assemble pizza
5. Spread the onion tomato topping on the flat bread or naan
6. Sprinkle cheese on top
7. Put in toaster oven at 400F for 5-6 minutes till the cheese just starts to melt (with feta the color changes a little bit)
8. Broil for a minute, cut and enjoy

1. Be watchful of the bread in the oven. They tend to burn quickly.


  1. I understand the kids and pizza bit- growing up, my mother's special treat was making us pizza for breakfast!

    She made it in the quickest way possible- on sliced bread, and on a tava (griddle), covering it for a minute after the bottom got crispy so that the Amul cheese would get melted and gooey. Your version looks wonderful!

  2. Thats a quick and delicious pizza, indeed :.-)

  3. Yes, this is what I do too. I also add some other veggies and often use whole wheat bread slices too.
    Right now, the kids are in a phase where they do not like pizza that much though, I kind of have to force it on them at times when I absolutely don't want to do anything else:)

  4. this is right up my alley! i use bread, chapatti, naan, pitta bread etc etc for quick fix meals as pizza base.

    hw have u been Indo. it's such a pleasure to catch up with old friends;) its very sweet of u to stop by and say hello :)

  5. Love it, I also do something similar with even uncooked tortilla :)

  6. Good one. I too like to make it at home rather than buy them.

  7. I am reading this as I ma getting Naan Pizza ready for the kids :) they are a blessing when all ideas fair, and the lazy mom won't cook !! I sometimes use bread to top w/ cheese and veggie too.

  8. Hmmm this recipe looks so delicious and nice and i think that fits perfect with my taste and in my opinion is a very easy recipe, so i think i will try it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nice recipe....I use English Muffins to make Pizza..!!


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