Friday, August 19, 2011

Guess and a Commentary

If you watch any kind of news you could not have escaped the spectacle that was taking place in Iowa. It was a display of all that is ugly and wrong with the Republican Party and by extension America. Why do a few places like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and the very few who vote in these primaries have so much power in electing the candidate for President?

While the President was taking a mid-west tour on his Darth Vader mobile the Republican candidates for President were out mouthing each other. Mitt Romney equates corporations with people, Bachmann says submission means respect and the God who asked her to run for Congress only knows. Seriously woman you got to be kidding. Read this article on Bachmann if you have the patience. As for Rick Perry who has problems with evolution and would rather secede from the Union, and write laws that support his friends in the industry as governor of the great state of Texas now wants to take that logic National. Remind me again how on earth did America become a technological leader with people like this who are supposed to be leaders?

I don't have the patience and pity all of us who have to take this nonsense for the next 15 months. The sad thing is we have no choice. We have the current president to blame for people like Bachamann and Sarah Palin for thinking they could be Presidents. If he who spent his time in the Illinois senate and the US senate doing nothing and with no leadership experience whatsoever can become the President by the simple fact he was at the right place at the right time. Why can't Bachmann or Palin dream?

America is in a serious fiscal crisis and none of these fools look like they can set the country on the right track while we have another year of the current President's term to deal with. Wall street and business just need to sneeze an he will be running to set their problems straight. You can get his ear too, if you can afford the $35,000 for a plate of food at one of his fundraisers. Or you could be rich enough to be wining and dining at Martha's Vineyard his favorite vacation place.

How does the political drama make you feel? Or you'd rather guess what plant this flower belongs to?


  1. Could it be Green Onion?

  2. Looks like a garlic chive. Anyone who votes for those Republicans deserves what he/she gets.

  3. Its Cilantro flowers

  4. I've tried to ignore the whole political drama for now, there are many more painful months ahead for that anyway :( Its tiring to find logic in some of the discussions.

  5. Thanks for taking guesses.

    It is Shallot (small onion) flowers.


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