Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mojito-Raspberry Paletas - a sweet cool treat from DDs

Didn't get to have a vacation this summer yet or have none planned? You should not feel sorry about that. Really! Research shows that vacations is not all what it is made out to be.

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It doesn't keep people satisfied for that long and the feeling of well being wears of pretty quickly leaving people feeling no better than those who didn't get to take a vacation. Seriously there are researchers doing this kind of research. Full article here.

The first couple of days on a vacation are supposed to be the worst when a lot of vacationers actually feel bad. The planning phase is supposedly the happiest followed by the let down of the first few days of vacation.

The same research says active vacations are the best because exercise not only makes us healthy but happy. That I know for a fact.

Is vacation over rated then? The planning and traveling sure stresses me out. The anticipation of the vacation is more exciting than the vacation itself. A staycation where you just hang out in the backyard eating tasty favorite foods might be worth more in terms of happiness perhaps? Like this recipe today?

DDs have this habit of collecting recipes on index cards that are in grocery stores these days. What used to be a blind competition to collect the most has now become a bit more discretionary. They are collecting recipes that could be tried at home. This Mojito-Raspberry Paletas was on one such recipe card. What are popularly known as Popsicles in English?

I was given a grocery list and the kids did pretty good. I enjoyed every drop of my Popsicle.

Recipe Source: Recipe cards from Try-Foods International
Mojito-Raspberry Paletas
Makes 4 popsicles
1. 2/3 cups of sparkling water
2. 1/4 cup sugar
3. 1/4 cup lime juice
4. 1 bag frozen raspberries

5. 3-4 leaves of mint
1. Pulse the mint in a food processor with sugar and scrape into the bowl with lime juice and sparkling water
2.Fill up to quarter of the Popsicle mold with this mixture and freeze for about an hour
3. Now add the raspberries to the mold leaving about a 1/4 inch space on top
4. Pour in the remaining lime juice into all of the molds and freeze till it is completely set

On a hot afternoon this cool and tasty Popsicle is just the perfect treat.


  1. Yum ...looks so colorful n delicious

  2. thats a lovely popsickle idea. like the frozen raspberries on top.

  3. We are also not gone this year for summer holidays like we do every year as having a daughter in College is pretyy expensive but have been having fun here without any abroad holiday.
    Love love home made popsickles.

  4. wow, that does sound superb. I love planning vacation and going, but true after first few hours or days, we start wondering when will we be back, so I guess as you said, a "staycation" is much better :)

  5. That is what I will call summer indulgence and you made it look so nice.


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