Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quick and easy snack - Popping Corn and a Guess?


What flowers are these?

Popcorn was once a snack available only in the movie theater. Some smart entrepreneur packaged it to be sold on the street just like pori(puffed rice) and roasted peanuts.

Here in the US the ubiquitous Oriville Redenbacher just did not cut it in the taste or the pleasure department. This was the only option until DH's friend popped some tasty spicy popcorn in his kitchen. To this day that is the only kind of popcorn that is worth eating for me.

It is a very easy process and dare I say a lot better without the added sodium and butter that is a feature of most packaged popping corn. I like the smaller kernels which are far more tastier IMO.

1. a little more than 1/4 cup popping corn (about 3 quarts of popped corn)
2. 3 tsp oil
3. 1 tsp chili powder
4. 1/4 tsp turmeric powder (optional)
5. a sprinkling of salt

1. In a heavy bottomed pan with a lid big enough to hold all the popped corn, heat the oil and when it is warm add the salt and chili powder. (Do not overheat the oil)
2. Quickly add the corn and spread it around so it is in a single layer. Do not overcrowd.
3. Place the lid and set the heat on medium
4. Takes about 6-8 minutes for all the corn to pop. The popping sound is frequent and when it becomes lower in frequency switch off the heat. Remove the lid and let it cool.

Enjoy with a matinee movie :)


  1. Love popcorn...i too do the same way.. yummy.

    I think its Lavender flower!!

  2. Lavender? I like plain salted popcorn, we get the flavoured, cheesy varieties in cinemaplexes nowadays, they are vile.

  3. Lavender...
    Love the homemade popcorn. I just add any Indian spice to it depending on my preference.

  4. Love homemade popcorns definitely, feel like munching some..Its lavender rite.

  5. A friend recently bought me purple popcorn. Can't wait to try it - I too am not a big fan of Orville's popcorn.

    I crave spicy and flavorful. Thanks for the recipe, going to try it out this weekend!

    PS It's lavender, I think :)

  6. Great idea, i cook very often pop corn, but i never tried with chili powder. I will try tomorrow and after that i will tell you how was it, thanks a lot for this idea.

  7. I love to eat popcorn.They are low in fat and rich in fibre.Good recipe.


  8. Not much of a popcorn fan, kids are not fond either. Wish the movie theaters had better snack options ;-) or they could outsource it to you :D


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