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No cream Pineapple ice cream (eggless with custard powder)

USDA has dismantled the difficult to understand food pyramid with a supposedly easier to associate food plate. Hopefully this will make it easier for us to choose and eat the right kind of foods

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Will this make it easier to control food intake and make everyone healthier? Let's sure hope so. By the latest count there are 260 million overweight adults in the US. That is a lot no?

There might be quite a few things that I admire about this country but food is not one of them. It is a disgrace what is served as food here in restaurants, schools and in several homes as well.

What bothers me most though is the school lunches. The scary part is Republicans blocking every bill that is introduced that puts some sort of government oversight on sugar, salt or calories in school lunches. Kids are so low on the totem pole and they are still not too big to fail and make a difference at the polling station.

Don't get me wrong I hate governments of all kinds - democracies, dictatorship, socialist, communist you name it I hate it. But in a country like America which has made it it's mission to not only feed itself bad fool but to spread it all over the world it is time to put some sort of oversight.

Now let's move on to the recipe. Most recipes for ice cream ask for full cream which besides the fat content is also very heavy. The first time I made ice cream in the new ice cream maker I used a recipe which did not use any heating of the milk but used a lot of cream with obviously a heavy dose of fat. Delicious obviously, but took a bit of effort and a lot of dish soap to clean the utensils after the ice cream making and eating. If I were going to make ice cream throughout the summer I needed a low fat and lighter ice cream to save the heart.

The kulfi recipes which use corn starch to thicken the milk seemed a better way and an easy to follow recipe on NY times website.

cooking custard

Just before we went off on the long weekend there was a very ripe pineapple sitting on the counter top. It got pushed into the fridge and needed to be used real fast. I dreamed of pineapple upside down cake but it way beyond my league. Pineapple ice cream that was something I could manage. The ice cream maker in storage during winter got dusted to be put to good use.

I used custard powder in place of corn starch. Uncomfortable with tempering eggs and making custard that way making custard with custard powder seemed a better idea.

Adapted From: Cornstarch Ice Cream

Pineapple ice cream (with custard powder)
1. 3 1/4 cups of full milk (2% should work)
2. 3 tbsp corn starch
3. 1 cup chopped pineapple (ripe juicy pineapple) + 1/4 cup of finely chopped pineapple
4. 1 cup sugar

1. Set cups of the milk and the sugar to boil and let it heat through till small bubbles start to appear
2. Dissolve the custard powder in the 1/4 cup of milk without and lumps
3. Add the dissolved custard powder to the steaming milk all the while whisking
4. Let it cook (use a spatula and keep stirring) for 6-8 minutes and bring where it just starts to boil
5. Reduce the heat and in low heat let the mixture thicken (keep stirring continuously) for another 5 minutes or so
6. Let the mixture cool
7. Blend the 1 cup of pineapple into a smooth pulp
8. When the custard mixture is cool, pour into the ice cream making machine
9. Add in the pineapple pulp (it takes about 30-40 minutes of churning for the ice cream to reached desired consistency
10. Mix in the small cubes of pineapple towards the end
11. Place in the freezer for the ice cream to mature

Serve with slices of fresh pineapple.


  1. Looks yum your idea very much

  2. Love the way u prepared ur icecream, cant wait to try this yummy and refreshing icecream..

  3. Love home made ice cream and this looks so so good,

  4. good one and sounds easy too ,,yumm

  5. What a smart & healthy idea to use custard powder for the creamy effect... can't wait to try this Indo.

  6. I like the new food plate idea, only it makes me feel extremely guilty at each meal now that veggies + fruits > grains. Also with Indian meals, I am at a loss to make on equal to another unless serving chapati.

    No ice cream machine but pineapple ice cream makes me drool

  7. That is definitely an excellent idea to make ice-cream rich and creamy. I have to yet make ice-cream @ home. I recently bought the ice-cream attachment and I so agree with you on the food that is served everywhere.

  8. That just gives me an idea to make dairyfree icecream for Mischief using almond milk or coconut milk or cashew milk. Thanks Indo.

  9. looks very simple and yummy too,,I am now plunging into lots of mangoes and thinking of trying this recipe with mangoes...the pineapples we get at this time are very sour and might split the custard and milk if added...

  10. Lovely delicious ice cream. Looks fantastic.

  11. How delicious!! Nothing quite like fresh fruit ice cream.

  12. this look absolutely delicious. I know what you mean about washing a lot of dishes. That happens here too when we are trying new recipes :)

  13. I bet many people have no clue what foods constitute protein. The pyramid had a pictorial representation of actual foods which seems more accessible. I also hear that the pyramid was done away with on the back of lobbying by manufacturers of carbs which were at the bottom of the pyramid and hence felt it was an unjust representation.

  14. I'd read briefly about the new 'plate' vs old 'pyramid' USDA guidelines -- not sure any of them are correct but the plate seems more user friendly, seeing it here.

    Pineapple ice cream looks great -- when I was young we used to get 'ice milk' in the stores, lower in fat etc -- now my kids like the frozen fruit bars but those are full of sugar -- everything in moderation, I guess! :)

  15. For the first time I'm making the icecream with custard - hope it turns out right ( no icecream machine - beating it the old style). I usually cook the fruit before Adding it to the icecream.


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