Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gardening 102

Have you transplanted your seedlings?
With the danger of frost long past the seedlings are all transplanted to the ground or into container gardens by now. Some of these plants are loving the heat wave that has put most of the US in extreme discomfort.

Direct sowing of seeds into the ground has all been done.

The late winter and spring plants are starting to bear fruit. Seeds can be sown or plants transplanted close to them so by the time the plants dies down the summer plant grows to take up its place. Move over peas!

Watering during the hot summer months
I find that the best time to water the plants before the sun rises in the morning. This is essential mostly to prevent evaporation of water and to enjoy the cool summer mornings in the company of the green plants. I have heard that watering plants during the warmest part of the day hurts the plants. I am not sure if that is a myth or truth.

Once you have plants outside you start to wish for rain like you have never done before. As I type this I hear thunder and lightening and some hard rain coming down fast. Really good even it lasts for less than 10 minutes.

Manure for the plants
Once the plants are set and growing fast apply manure or compost around the plants. Do this throughout the growing season.

Support for the plants
Set tomato cages for the tomato plants so they do not fall over when they start to set fruit. Netting or support for the climbing plants.

There will be some heartburn along the way like ground hogs nibbling on your just sprouting pea or bean plants. The good will be much more than the bad we hope.

Once all this has been done sit back and enjoy what the garden offers you.


  1. Wow ur garden looks great and beautiful..

  2. I just planted some tomato and pepper. Thinking of growing some methi too. You plants look healthy and vibrant,.


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