Friday, March 18, 2011

Wheat and Millet(Ragi flour) Pancake with blueberry sauce

If you consider cereal, muffins(store bought) and doughnuts to be too sweet, sugary and over processed, breakfast becomes a huge task. There is only so many days you can make kids eat oatmeal without having them protest. I am not a fan of frozen pancakes and waffles either. Sorry if I sound annoying. I am eager and open to breakfast suggestions that you follow and works for your family.

Bagels, Cereal, Oatmeal, bread w/egg and pancakes make up the week day breakfast routine not necessarily in that order but it seems to work. I like to follow Michael Pollan's rule "Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can't pronounce" which he explains in his book the Omnivore's Dilemma - as much as possible while buying prepackaged food.

I don't always stick to the rule 100% of the time but give a good solid try. Bob's Red Mill pancake mixes work best with very minimal ingredients and mostly ingredients that I know.

If you have a pancake mix handy making millet pancakes is quick and easy. I mix equal parts whole wheat pancake mix and ragi flour for some fluffy and good tasting pancakes.

Wheat and Millet Pancake
1. 1 Cup of Whole Wheat pancake mix (any pancake mix would work)
2. 1 Cup Ragi flour
3. 1/2 cup of fat free milk + water as required

Whisk together all of the ingredients to make pancake batter with the required consistency.

1. Heat a pan, spray oil. Pour a laddle of batter cook on one side, flip and cook on the other side till golden brown spots start to appear.

Blueberry sauce
1. 1 Cup of fresh or frozen blueberries
2. 1/2 - 1 tbsp sugar

1. In a saucepan combine sugar and blueberries and cover cooked for 5-8 minutes till soft. Mash it with a back of the spoon

Spoon over pancakes.


  1. I hesitate to suggest since I guess somethings just seem like so much work when you're abroad without any help - but poha (aval and sabudana) don't take much time. As does vermicelli upma. Or even besan omelets.

    Ragi pancakes are something I have never heard of- must be great with the fresh fruit sauce

  2. Ragi pancake sounds completely new and nutritious, blueberry sauce looks fabulous..

  3. Miri, no they are great ideas for breakfast. But you are right maybe not as week day breakfast but these are great lunch box ideas for the kids.

    Miri and Priya give these ragi pancakes a try. They are tasty and you can't tell the pancake has ragi in it.

  4. Love the idea of raji pancakes ....look so yum with tht suace

  5. Mmm- love the hearty look of those pancakes. Personally, I would be tempted to add some chopped onion and chillies and jeera and make faux dosas with this mix :)

  6. Nupur, I have not tried that. It would work beautifully with some coconut chutney on the side.

  7. lovely sauce over pancake... love it !!

  8. I still haven't used Ragi flour. Thats pitiable I think when there are so many nice recipes. Mmmmmm blueberry sauce - a bowlful of this by itself could be my dessert:)


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