Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indian style multicolored Bell Pepper fried rice

Yesterday dawned like every other day for me here in North America. While a continent or two away a billion people in my motherland were brimming with optimism, hope and nail biting tension. I started the day as usual in a rush doing this and that without any of the tension. The radio came on as I got in the car to drive DD to the bus stop(we don't want to be late for that one). Just as I was turning to head to the office interview Steve Inskeep's interview with Mukul Kesavan about the India Pakistan World Cup Semifinal (Cricket)came on surprising and jolting a bit. India has definitely arrived in the World scene if NPR is talking about or was it was the Indo Pak rivalry that got them interested. Whatever, it reminded me of something I would have missed otherwise. If anyone is interested in the article in the Economic Times of India. It is here. A good interesting read.

As it dawned on me that I had slept through an important part of history I turned around and headed home to watch what was left of the Indian innings(gone are the days when we paid hundered of dollars to watch live cricket matches we watch them free now) needless to say the Indian team which was playing well till then got themselves into a rut but finished IMO at least with a fighting total.

Then life interevened and I had to head to the office. My office is a tiny extension of the state of Andhra, there are more people from Andhra than from the country in which the office is situtated. So watching of the match continued with everybody passing checking on the status of the match.

In the evening in the middle of my chauffering duties I hear again on NPR a piece about the historic cricket match and India defeating Pakistan. A twinge of pride swells inside and a tiny bit of sadness at not being able to breathe that air and be part of the excitement. Yes I do listen to a lot of NPR!!

NPR even had a blog article on Tendulkar missing his 100th 100.

Having expended all that energy is there any left for the World Cup Finals on Saturday? I agree with Mukul Kesavan the writer of the Economic Times article, Indo Pak matches are exhausting. No it will not stop me from watching the game on Saturday. How about you guys?

Now on to the recipe, the colorful bell pepper being put to good use in this Indian style fried rice. Very very simple but flavorful rice. If you have some cooked white/brown rice leftover even faster.

Bell Pepper fried rice
1. 2 Cups of Basmati Rice (cooked with 2 tsp of oil, I use 1 : 1.5, rice:water)
2. 4 Medium sized bell peppers sliced thin, core removed
3. 1 Medium sized onion (2 cups) sliced thin
4. seasoning: fennel seeds
5. Salt to taste
6. 1/4 cup roasted peanuts coarsely powdered

Spice Powder
1. 1/2 tbsp coriander seeds
2. 1 tsp cumin seeds
3. 1 tbsp urad dal
4. 3 red chilies
5. 2 cloves
6. a small piece of cinnamon
7. optional 1/2 tbsp dried coconut flakes (I did not add any)
8. 2 tsp of oil + 2 tsp of sesame oil or ghee

Dry roast the above till they turn slightly brown. I brown the urad dal first and the rest together. Cool and blend to a fine powder

1. Cook the rice fluff it up and let it cool a bit
2. In a fairly big sized kadai heat 2 tsp of oil, add the fennel seeds followed by the sliced onions, let them turn slightly brown
3. Add the sliced bell pepper and cook till they are soft and still have some crunch
4. Add the spiced and mix well and saute for a minute or two
5. Add in the rice and mix it into spice mixture.
6. Sprinkle more salt and add the sesame oil and mix it into the rice
7. Add the peanut powder and mix it gently

Ready to be served with some vegetable chips.


  1. Looks so gud ...and colourful

  2. I don't watch cricket as fervently as I once did and had lots of work yday but managed to catch the last 15 minutes and it was so much fun!

    That bell pepper rice looks very inviting...

  3. I watch cricket when India is playing but only for the last two overs. This series though has caused a havoc in my routine because D and some of our/his friends camp at a friend's place on weekends to watch the match !!!
    I want to see on Sat, don't know if I can manage though.

    And NPR is totally fida on India, they have something or the other almost every day. They even interviewed Kailash Kher which was going a bit far, I thought.

    Bell Pepper rice looks really pretty

  4. Enjoy sterday's match..watched the match after a long..

    Btw rice looks super delicious..

  5. Who wouldn't love fried rice... Looks so good. YUM!


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