Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flax Seed Idli Podi - III - Spiced flax and dal powder

What does one do when life (DH) hands you a bag of flax seeds more than you have ever seen in your life?

It was supposedly bought to make the onerous task of making the texture of oatmeal better. But oatmeal being oatmeal not much can be done who get it single and separate. So I have all of this flax seeds and not many recipes that come to mind. The only one that came to mind and I was capable doing quickly was Idli Podi.

The formula I usually use is 3 cups of dal to a cup of dried chilies. In this recipe, half a cup of flax seeds was substituted for one of the dal. Going by the end result a cup would not have been a bad idea. There is always a next time and no dearth of flax seeds.

What are the other recipes possible with flax seeds? Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Flax Seed Idli Podi
1. 1 cup of split white urad dal
2. 1 cup of split moong dal
3. 1/2 cup of horsegram (kollu)
4. 1/2 cup of flax seeds
5. 1 cup of red chilies
6. 1 cup of loosely packed curry leaves
7. a small piece of asfoetida
8. 2 tsp of salt

1. Roast the dal one by one till they start to turn a nice and golden brown
2. Roast the horse gram till they start to make the pat pat sound
3. In a very very low heat saute the flax seeds - in half a minute they star to bounce and fly so remove it quickly from the heat. If you are not careful you will have more flax seeds on the floor than in the pan
4. Toast the red chilies for a minute or two
5. Toast the curry leaves in the microwave till they are nice and crisp and all the moisture is completely gone
6. Toast the asfoetida and salt for a minute

Cool, and blend to a fine powder.


  1. Love blogging as it makes us aware of so many good things. have lately started using flaxseeds in all baked items and also have started enjoying podis with rice. idlis and adais. this is good and will definitely make this.

  2. Wat a healthy idli podi..

  3. I made so many times while I was in US but never got a chance to post it.. your version is also looking yummy.

  4. Great, easy recipe- I must try this podi!

    I store flaxseeds in the freezer- so at least they don't go rancid before one has a chance to use them, and I add flax seed powder to breads- both quick breads like banana bread and regular wheat bread.

  5. Do you have the powder or seeds ? If seed I roast-->powder and store. Add it to chapati dough, sprinkle on oatmeal.
    I have seen many baking recipes that use flax meal or some such thing. Anyway those are stuff I don't try 'coz I don't bake all that much.

    I think I had learned this podi with flaxseed from Asha and then a colleague used to get the same.

  6. somebody left a flax seed chutney recipe in my blog..

    what i use it for - about 2 tbsp per person ground flaxmeal in smoothies. I grind it in small quantities and store the flaxmeal in fridge. I also use 1/4 to 1/3rd cup in any quick breads, muffins, oatmeal squares etc and also in yeast breads... and i also use it in rotis - makes the rotis very soft. I go through a couple pounds a month.

    thanks for dropping by my blog.. life's bit crazy with the move. hoping to be back soon. take care.

  7. Your podi sounds interesting. I have nothing to offer in terms of flax-seed ideas. Have never used it myself. But this promises to generate interesting comments for more flax-seed ideas. Will keep an eye here. Thanks, Indo!

  8. I am definitely going to try this


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