Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Garden Update

The Garden Update may have been silent for a few weeks but the garden has not. The stink bugs made sure a lot of the tomatoes were unusable but the chilies, squashes, greens, gourds and brinjals have all been producing.

Young ridge gourd

I would have liked a few more squashes but no complaints these squashes (Delicata and Butternut) came on their own and did give me a quite a few.

Fully grown butternut squash

The hyacinth beans are just starting to flower. My neighbor informed me that the variety of bean I was growing required a long growing time and the growing season here was not sufficient. Made sense. The unusually warm September we have been having this year has sure helped the bean plant. While this is scary with respect to global warming, the garden has gotten a second wind so to speak.

Hyacinth bean flower

I gave the produce table miss because I was not keeping track of the harvest.

Here is another mystery gourd and hoping it would grow to maturity and can be identified.


  1. I love ridge gourd , but we don't get them here. I am curious to know what that mystery vegg is going to be.

  2. I love the photos and your garden too. Nothing compares to home grown vegetables. I love your blog .

  3. I love ridge gourd, but I don't see the seeds for them anywhere in home depot, lowes or any other garden place. Where did you get it from? Home made?

  4. Priya I buy the seeds online. Links to the store are in the Garden page.

  5. Garden Page, accessible from the top menu.

  6. The ridgegourd is what i want. The past few times every time we got from the store it turned out bitter.:-(

    where do u get the seeds for the indian veggies? or do you save the ones from home if you buy the veggies. So far for bitter gourd, indian chili pepper, etc I have been doing that.

    never mind. found my answer in the comments :-)


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