Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Indian or Western Spice Boxes? A giveaway!

A Spice Box be it Indian or Western is very essential in every kitchen. I adore mine and everyone who has gotten it as a present loves it too (if you are the cooking type that is). The giveaway was in the cards from a long while ago so here goes. Rules! Yes there are a few.

Western Spice box

Western Spice box another view

1. The giveaway will be held on Facebook. Leave a comment below the link on facebook with your choice. Goes without saying that you have to like the page to leave a comment.
2. If you are not a facebook member, send me an email to indosungodATgmailDOTcom and I will include you in the drawing.
3. Drawing will be done the old fashioned way, names will be written on paper tags and a lucky winner will be drawn.
4. Give your choice of Spice Box, Indian or Western.
5. Two winners will be chosen one for the Indian and one for the Western.
6. Increase your chance of winning by spreading the word. If your friends leave a comment along with your name for recommending the page you increase your chance of winning by that many times.

7. Leave a comment on this post with your choice of spice box

Indian Spice box

Shipping Rules
1. Indian or Western Spice Box will be shipped to winners in the US and Canada.
2. Only the Western Spice Box will be shipped to winners in India
3. European winners will be given a choice of gift card of equal value if that is a possibility.

Giveaway ends Aug 13, 2010

Western Spice Box Pictures :


  1. Cool giveaway, Indo!

  2. Oh I adore the Indian spice box! I have been reading so many blogs trying to learn to cook genuine Indian food. Now I understand that what I've had in restaurants doesn't even meet the bill! I am so grateful to you and others, who grew up with this amazing, divese, cuisine for sharing it with us. , I rarely comment, but thank you!!

  3. So glad you opened up the comments on your blog as well! Since I blog anon, I had two minds about signing up on face book.

    I'd love the Indian spice box please.

  4. I love that Indian Spice box....I would get that if i'm lucky !!!

  5. Indian spice box for sure!

  6. I love to have western spice box please its looks so nice.

  7. I real realy would love to have that western spice box please.

  8. The Western Spice Box, please.

    Thank you!

    alias2003 (AT) lycos (DOT) com

  9. Oh wow...i left comment here...hope to see u back soon....

  10. Western one for sure. Nice giveaway.

  11. Lovely sets, difficult choice :)
    I would be delighted to have the western spice box set please [ for my daughter] as I already have an Indian one.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway,

  12. Beautiful spice box looks wonderful.

  13. Like to have western spice box... :)

  14. Oh Wow - I love the Western style of Spice Box!! It's so swish!!

  15. western please.tks.

  16. Cool giveaway Indo! I'd love an Indian style spice box.


  17. This sounds to be a nice giveaway.... Western spice box will do good for me.....

  18. I would love the Indian Spice box please.

  19. I have been a reader of your blog for few months now. Love the recipes you share. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, I would love the western spice box please.


  20. I really love to have that western spice box....

  21. Frist time here...and perticipating first time for a Giveway.....will be go for the western spice box.....
    good space here...will be in touch with you....

  22. Innovative give away I must say!
    Can I have both? ha ha ha
    Anyways if I have to choose...then Indian one rocks!