Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vanilla and roasted Almonds Ice cream with mulberry sauce

Over the long Memorial day weekend, with the enthusiasm that only a long weekend can bring I woke up early only to realize I had run out of salt. Decided to walk to the nearest grocery store instead of driving, DD joined me, she ran and I walked. There are several fruit trees along the way and as is the case here in the US nobody ever touches these fresh fruit edible or not. We tasted these gorgeous fruits from each of the 3 trees we saw along the way. Some very sweet and some not so much. Making a mental note to come with a basket to collect them.

Something else happened the kiddies and DH bought a KitchenAid mixer for Mother's Day. I was not too enthusiastic, I had already revealed my wish for an ice cream maker. Last week DH returned the mixer and bought home an ice cream maker and the bonus, it was just one fifth the cost of the mixer.

cooking mulberries

This galvanized our interest to collect those berries soon. I was still in doubt about the identity of the fruit and then this news appears in the Washington Post leaving no doubt as to what those berries where.
Mulberries they were! Applause to all of you who got it right. Couple of months back my Afghani English student brought along some dried fruit and said they called them "tooth". And guess what my search revealed they were mulberries.

freshly churned ice cream

Off went DD, DD2, MIL and FIL with a basket she fashioned (visible in the previous post) and collected a good 3 cups of fruit. She did not fail to mention that people gave here weird looks. If you read the article linked you will be sad to note the fruit is considered a nuisance. Sad! They are delicious and free to boot.

Not knowing how they will taste in a ice cream decided to make a sweet sauce to serve the ice cream. Had to try the ice cream maker first without introducing another unknown into the mix.

Like a lot of you had suggested smoothies are a great idea! Next time.

mulberry sauce

If you are on the fence about buying an ice creamer, think no further it is well worth it.

The mulberry trees are on a very busy road, so multiple washings were

Vanilla and roasted almonds ice cream
1. 1 1/2 cups of 2% milk
2. 2 cups of Heavy Whipping Cream (1 1/2 cups should be sufficient)
3. 3/4 cup of sugar (I used raw sugar)
4. 1/2 cup of roasted unsalted almonds roughly crushed

1. Whip together the milk and sugar and mix in the whipping cream
2. Pour into an ice cream maker, mine required 30 minutes, in the last 5 minutes mix in the chopped almonds.
3. Set in the freezer for 2 hours to mature

If you are not using an ice cream maker you use these instructions by David Lebovitz. I have made ice cream without an ice cream maker and it was not too bad, just remember to break up the crystal every few hours for 3-4 times.

Mulberry sauce
1. 2 Cups of mulberries
2. 2 tbsp of sugar
3. 1/4 cup of water.

1. In a sauce pan mix the sugar and water and let it come to a boil
2. Add in the berries and let it cook till the berries are soft
3. Puree the berries with a hand blender and chill in refrigerator


  1. my oh my ISG, it is such a treat just to see those beautiful pictures. With the 100+ temp around here, that looks pretty awesome. Enjoy the ice-cream maker.

  2. These r the cutie-st ice cream I have seen recently ...looks so fab

  3. Here we pay a bomb to get just a handful to taste when they are in season .. am not too fond but DH is.
    That ice cream looks great .. but am shivering too much in this rainy and cold morning to even think of having it. Maybe next summer. :-)

  4. Simply love the shot of the freshly churned ice-cream. We used to get mulberry jam a while ago, don't see it anymore now.

  5. Muhaaaaaaaaa why didn't you send me the kitchen aid, i would have happily give my ice cream machine :-) Delicous looking ice cream. I love those cone cups.

  6. Watelse we need to enjoy, very tempting icecream and sauce together makes me drool..

  7. They don't eat them here? Strange. As kids, we had a farm nearby with these berries and we used to eat them a lot until he chased us out of the fence! :D
    Yeah, if you don't make too many breads or cakes using Kitchenaid to mix, it's useless really. I have bought Pro one which is too huge and I don't make mutliple loaves at a time, so I use smaller one mostly. Good thing you got IC maker, usable in Summer, my kids eat IC even in Winter!
    Berry IC looks yum, love the little cone servers.
    Have a great time,let kids listen to that free books and Audio too. I will be back in July again. I am sure I will have plenty of veggies in the backyard by then to cook!:))

  8. Those were very interesting reads. I had noticed wild mulberry bushes actually.. I thought people probably don't pluck the fruits just like people don't pluck flowers.. looks pretty on the bush and probably has pesticides, I guess.. Never realized that they thought it was a weed and that no one knew it was edible!

    Informative to hear your experience.. Will definitely pluck them all for myself next time! :)

  9. I made a strawberry frozen yogurt recently, no ice cream maker but those instructions came in handy.

    Your ice cream looks so good, now I am thinking ...about the ice cream maker ;-)

  10. Wat a yummy treat in this summer. Nice recipe. YUM! YUM!

  11. here in Bangalore we dont even get to have a look at this fruit. love its colour. the ice cream looks great Indo. how many servings would it make?

  12. Oh, and your ice cream cups/cones are too cute too. Where did you get them ?

  13. Oh my look at that ice cream....so creamy and heavenly!!!

  14. Sandeepa, I bought them from some kid in the neighborhood who was selling stuff for their school.

  15. Heavenly taste in a cup !!! I would love to taste this. I have an ice cream maker now but no mulberries.

  16. Wow...ice cream look so delicious in those cute cups. I've neither mulberries nor ice-cream maker. :( You enjoy your summer time! Great clicks ISG too! :)

  17. reading your account is sure making me go out and buy an ice-cream maker this season :) lovely berry recipe, perfect for the spring-season.

  18. Delicious looking ice cream - love mulberries!!

  19. delicious treat! I have no kitchen aid, no icecream maker, no mulberries....:(...

  20. If anybody is thinking of a Father's Day gift make it an ice cream maker ;)

  21. Aaah! now that's a good advice! :) I am so going to get 'him' an icecream maker. ;)

    The icecream picture looks very cute! so tempting!


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