Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Butternut squash, Potatoes and Radish stir fry Bengali style (Ghonto)

I am sure you all remember the fanfare with which I started the Bengali cooking series back in March. I had a mile long list of Bengali dishes to cook and starting the series seemed like a good idea because I was planning to cook at least one dish a week. That sort of fell in the way side.

You all think that Sandeepa just blogs about Bengali recipes? No! Don't ask me when, Sandeepa (don't roll your eyes, yes it did take me that long) had sent me that mother of all Bengali spices - panch phoran to induct me into the pleasures of cooking Bengali dishes. I saved the package safely and finally a few days after Sandeepa posted the recipe for Palang Shaak er Ghonto decided to retrieve it from the safe and give the recipe a go with just the Ghonto, the Palang got cooked separtely different style.

Of all the spices in the panch phoran nigella seeds is something I have never used before the aroma though new was just intoxicating.

I left the spinach out of the stir fry because the mashed greens a very simple recipe is a family favorite. Rice, greens and the stir fry were all made just for each other.

Recipe Source:Palang Shaak er Ghonto
Butternut squash, Potatoes and Radish stir fry
1. 2 Cups of cubed butternut squash
2. 1 Cup Potatoes cubed
3. 1/4 Cup Red Radish cubed
4. 3 green chilies slit
5. 2 red chilies broken in half
6. 2 tsp panch phoran
7. 1 tsp sambhar powder optional (in lieu of the cumin powder)
8. 1 tsp oil
9. salt to taste
1. In a wide mouthed pan heat the oil and the green and red chilies and the panch phoran. When they get a bit browned,
2. Add all the veggies mix in with panch phoran, close the lid and cook for 10-12 minutes ( I like the squash a bit mushy so the potatoes and the squash got tossed together, else cook the potatoes first followed by the squash after 5 minutes)
3. Open the lid add the sambhar powder and saute for a few more minutes.

Serve with rice and mashed greens


  1. "Intoxicating" fragrance of Kalonji is really apt description! I put panch phoran on all veggies and claim it is Bengali (just like I put soya sauce and garlic on stuff and call it Chinese) :D

    This sabzi looks delicious! Cheers!

  2. this is the first time i am hearing of this dish, but i can tell i'll like it! for one there is butternut squash and for second, there is paanch phoron. It is a spice in my list of blends to try but have never gotten around to doing that. Your recipe might just inspire me to buy the a pack next time i visit Indian groceries.

  3. Wat a droolworthy stir fry, thanks for sharing..

  4. I used to make these Bengali dishes frequently, must get back to them.

  5. Darun ghonto ( how about some Bengali vocab too ;-) ) ISG! It tastes even better with the Pui or Malabar spinach. :-)

  6. Ah, what a homely satisfying meal! I have come to love nigella, it is new to my kitchen too.

  7. What a delicious stir-fry, thanks for sharing :)

  8. I made one dish from Sandeepa with Mustard paste once, loved it. Must try more, they are really simple and delicious, Bengali cooking I mean.I love Butternut squash, Ghonto looks great, colorful.

    I have posted two sites to read free books and free audio books to download to listen. I am sure your girls would love these in Summer hols and you too. There are loads of classic books like Anton Chekov's! :)

  9. Yeah rolling my eyes :-D

    I too like my pumpkin mushed, does pumpkin cook faster that butternut squash, because in this dish, mine gets all mushed up.

    I like your addition of sambar powder, will do that when I want this sabzi different

  10. Looks yummy!! I love this dish!!

  11. retrieved from the "safe" LOL. I cleaned my safe a couple weeks ago :) We have been discussing Bengali recipes at home and I might just have to make it!

  12. Butternut Squash with Indian flavors is what I will call this..It looks fab.Well , I have never used Nigella seeds either.

  13. I like it! simple and delicious!


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