Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tomato chutney revisited

DD was reading the newspaper this morning and proclaimed - "one Earth day in a year is just not enough, everyday should be Earth day so we can do the right thing every single day". Yes indeed. Maybe her generation over burdened with a fast deteriorating planet, debt and vanishing diversity in species will be the ones to take better stewardship of the planet with an urgency. Did you do anything special for Earth Day?

Read here how Vada Pav unites Mumbai. If only good food could solve all problems.

Remember the tomato chutney I tried to recreate after tasting at a potluck? I was way off. I caught up with the friend the next week and she gave me the recipe. No coconut was involved. I added curry leaves because I thought I saw flecks of green. The main ingredient in the chutney beside the tomatoes were green and red bell pepper. huh huh I thought to myself. But of course I could not rest till I had tried it out. I also added some sun tried tomatoes(I had soaked them earlier for making pasta but did not use them) and it gives a vibrant red color.

Tomato chutney with red and green bell peppers
1. 1 (1/4 cup) juicy red tomato chopped
2. 1 cup red and green bell pepper chopped
3. 1/2 inch piece of ginger (optional)
4. 4 green chilies + 2 red chilies
5. 2 sun dried tomatoes soaked in water (add another half fresh tomato if not using)
6. 1/2 tbsp channa dal
7. 1/4 tsp coriander seeds + a few cumin seeds
8. a small piece of tamarind
9. curry leaves a few
10. salt to taste
11. 1 -2 tsp oil for sauteing

1. In a pan heat oil and saute the dals and as they start to turn brown add the coriander seeds, cumin and chilies. Set aside.
1. To the same pan add the bell peppers and saute till they are fully roasted (depends I am not fond of uncooked bell peppers so I saute a little longer)
2. Add the ginger, tomatoes (fresh and sundried), tamarind, curry leaves and salt, saute till the tomatoes are starting to turn mushy.
3. Cool and blend to a slightly coarse paste or smooth (again depends on taste) without adding water (a few sprinkles if your blender absolutely refuses to move)

Goes well with pretty much anything.


  1. red peppers are a great combo with tomatoes! yum!

  2. Nice to see your attempts to try to recreate the chutney you have tasted. This version looks great! :)

  3. Bell peppers and tomatoes makes a very moutherwatering combo.Love any chutneys with tomaotes..

  4. I'm always on the lookout for coconut free chutneys so this is a good one to add.
    Your daughter is right - we definitely need to do more than have just 1 day - smart girl.

  5. I love the combo of tomatoes and bell peppers, this chutney must be yum!

    It is amazing how intuitive kids really are about a lot of things, sometimes they are even wiser than adults!

  6. I have never combined bell peppers and tomatoes in chutney,lovely combination!

  7. bell pepper and tomatoes sounds like a great combo. i love that there are sun-dried tomatoes in this; they give such a unique flavor, don't they. planted a small tomato plant for the earth day today (plant was a give-away at work for earth day), now only if the plant manages to stay alive under my care earth day would be well spent :)

  8. was thinking of informing you that the tomato chutney was a hit with my parents. yesterday i made some rava oats idli and served with your tomato chutney recipe. they simply loved it. thanks Indo. will try this out soon.

  9. this looks so delicious,..

  10. I love red peppers with tomatoes.yummy!!

  11. My tpungue is tickiling just looking to the chutney pic. DD is much more thought full than me, i didn't even know about teh one earth day we had.

  12. Adding dry tomatoes to chutney sounds truly interesting, mouthwatering chutney for the sure..

  13. what DD says makes so much sense! we live on earth every day.. and it makes sense to have an earth day everyday so that we'll be able to live here every day in future too!

    wow! so many variations on tomato chutney!! I'm bookmarking it all to be able to try as soon as I can eat nightshades. just started yogurt/kefir yesterday and I'm beaming already!

  14. I don't use much of coriander seeds in my cooking, coz it irritates R's tummy. 1/4 tsp seems a fairly small amount and will add that zing. Sun dried tomato does give it that vibrant red :)

  15. Hmm, I don't know what to say about Earth Day ... I'm quite cynical, even about myself, and as I write, I'm wondering if there was some system where we could accumulate points of punya or cash we would adopt green measures more willingly!

  16. Shankari, no harm leave the coriander seeds out, I add because I like the taste and subtle aroma.

    Sra, you are justified in being cynical. Read this story in the CSMonitor. Some company sitting in Netherlands is buying carbon credits to assuage its guilt and poor farmers in Maharastra are suffering. link

  17. Whoo, I absolutely loved your idea...gonna try this for sure, looks very appetizing:)

  18. Love the addition of bell peppers, what delicious and flavorful chutney..awesome!

  19. Ha Ha! Now I have another version of your tomato chutney to try!


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