Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cabbage with Green Peas curry

Having these winter snow storms once in a while is not always a bad thing. Like cooped up chicken, the minute the snow lets up folks are out and about cleaning and shoveling. This provides an occasion for some neighborly chat and it is kind of nice to see the whole street outside and people helping each other out. I bet folks up north who see the white stuff almost every day would not have the same view but for us who do not get snow that often it still is an occasion to celebrate and close schools over.

Remember the episode with my neighbor that I talked about in this post? The lady of the house who is still my neighbor studiously avoids having even eye contact with me, leave alone conversation. I don't blame her, rightly or wrongly she believes I was not on her side.

On this occasion she was also outside shoveling snow with her son. As I was enjoying(you heard me right) the physical exertion of shoveling snow I saw my neighbor walk towards me. DH has just walked over to my other neighbor's house to help with their snow blower. I was not in a mood for confrontation especially with the whole street watching. I must have had the most sheepish look on my face and had this thought running in my hand "what have I done now?". I scratched my head to remember what nasty deeds I might have done and wishing fervently that DH was next to me. Any way she walked over and thanked me for dropping her son off at home on a particularly bad thunderstorm day. I heaved a sigh of relief. Actually I have picked him up a few times all the while hoping this won't cause a war of words and I am more than glad to know that she appreciates it.

Come to think of it, that was pretty big of her. Anyway the episode is exactly why I like to have good relationships with neighbors, never know when we might need their help. I bet most of you would agree.

Cabbage is one vegetable that is easy to hate. The smell, the very few recipes that actually turn out good and so on. I had a head of cabbage that was begging to be used on one hand and Malika Badrinath's book on the other. These recipe books were a life saver and still are when I am hard pressed for something quick and easy to make. In my early cooking days I would not have been able to dish anything if my mom had not packed these books along.

It is very important when cooking with cabbages to not prejudge the dish even before it is completed and tasted. Even with my best efforts I did prejudge the dish before tasting and once I did it was a revelation and great side for chapatis.

Cabbage with Green Peas
1. 3 Cups shredded cabbage
2. 1 - 1 1/2 cups of green peas (fresh or frozen)
3. 1 cup chopped onions
4. 1 cup chopped tomatoes
5. 2 tsp turmeric powder
6. 5 garlic cloves
7. salt to taste
8. seasonings: cumin and curry leaves

for the paste
1. 2 tbsp coconut
2. a pinch of fennel seeds
3. 5-8 green chilies (the recipe called for red chilies)

blend the above into a paste

1. In a pan heat a tsp of oil and when hot add the seasonings.
2. Add the onions and saute till translucent, add the garlic and saute for a minute followed by the tomatoes and saute till they are mushy.
3. Add the cabbage and peas and let them cook till cabbages are mostly cooked
4. Add the ground paste and salt with a cup of water and let them cook till desired consistency. I let the water completely evaporate.

Note: Do not close the lid while the cabbage is cooking. It take the cabbage a bit longer to cook and the unwanted cabbage odor can be avoided.


  1. Babbage curry was a lot in our lunch box and i remember when ever there wascabbage my rice got mixed with it and i had yellow rice whichiloved it.
    Love the combo with peas, though i have never had the combo.

  2. Mmm...ys I can understand how much is he neighbourhood interaction happens there. Heretoo with growing appartment culture its rar to stand outside for a chat. But somhow after started living in the new house I managed to know and chat with neighbours more frequently than before. The cabbage curry looks lovely. We raely cook cabbage and it will only be a stir fry! This combo looks lovely!

  3. This is awesome and mouthwatering with chapathis. Do visit my blog when time permits.

  4. Top of the morning to you Indo. Fortunately for us. it hardly snows. When it does kids are building teeny weeny snowmans which usually melts down after few hours in here! :D
    I just sprinkle some rock salt in front of the porch so we don't slip if it's icy, other than that we are good to go.
    Glad that lady thanked you. I bet she is equally apprehensive to talk to you too, now it's over! :)

    Cabbage and peas stir fry is my fave. , looks delicious.

  5. Never tried this combo so far, luks nice...a must try one for sure:)

  6. We do a cabbage with peas too, but I like your masala paste will try that one

  7. Aha, I love the cabbage curry, though never made it with such a masala paste, looks delicious! Yes, it surely helps to have a good relations with neighbors. I am glad yours warmed up to you now, I have seen that most of the time with confrontation loving or prejudiced people it just helps to not fuel the fire and with time usually they warm up to you too. Glad things worked out there for you now.

  8. Half the time here, we don't know who the neighbors are and even if we know, we are dont feel that comfy..Back home though roaming inside their house or knowing their secrets is quite common!

    Cabbage curry is yum..

  9. You know, Indo, I cook so rarely with coconut that when I got it last week and substituted green chilli for red chilli, I was a bit surprised to find myself staring at coconut chutney!

  10. As kid I never used to love cabbage dishes. but now I have started liking it. we alsmost make it the same way but just add a little bit of whole cumins for tempering and ginger and cumin powder in the main masalas. its very tasty and simple. love the picture as well.

  11. Rightly said about neighbors.
    This is the one of the few recipes I love with cabbage, I would add very little cinnamon and cloves to the masala.

  12. Growing up, I never liked the curry or the vegetable.But now, I guess with a kid at home, I don;t mind eating anything.
    The curry looks very nice!!

  13. This is a nice combo for lunch! So mouthwatering! Thanks for sharing.

  14. amma always made this combo, but the paste is a new addition.

  15. That is indeed an awesome prep... I have saved it too.... I personally love cabbage a lot.... Would love to prepare it your way....


  16. Cabbage and green peas curry looks delicious, its one of the curries which we prepare almost once a week, perfect combo with rotis :-)

  17. Good deed always pays off :-) That was nice of her!

    We don't hate cabbage. Bengali way, we do a lot of cabbage and peas, but this is a very intriguing paste you have made here. Fennel, coconut sounds very rich in flavors!

  18. Never tried this combo...sounds yumm..

  19. Yeah, those ad's were my favs too..Long time since I saw natraj pencils, bril ink, nerolac paints, usha fans even bombay dyeing or amrutanjan :D . But I wish I could see the prestige pressure cooker ad, where the lady of the house will be throwing away all her vessels for a cooker (Thooki eriyungal ungal pazhaiya vanali....)

  20. I remember the post about your neighbor and re-collect being in awe about your stand against her.
    Even though we have been in the area for 5 years, we hardly know our neighbors here.
    Love cabbage and the curry looks pretty good.

  21. Nice and simple and the whole look is healthy. Loved it!

  22. Yayy!! So, Good deeds do make neighbors change their minds. :) I'm happy for you. [I have to say, I'd have run inside, if she brought her snow shovel along!]

  23. Kay, LOL. She was using a snow blower, no shovel in her hand. I was the one with the shovel.

  24. I love the combination of cabbage and peas... One of my favourites! Thanks for visiting KO Rasoi :) I look forward to following you!


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