Thursday, November 12, 2009

Potatoes & Bell Pepper subzi

It is so easy to fall of the wagon where exercising is concerned or for that matter anything that is done out of no compulsion I guess. I missed it for a couple of weeks because of the kiddies sickness and I had to battle the 'take it easy' vs 'good for you' forces. I have vaxed eloquent about the benefits of the morning exercise and I know this idling is no good. Daily exercise keeps the spirits high, gives more energy to get through the daily stuff so it is shameful that I have been giving into the take it easy forces. Well now, I think I am back on the track wagon. Doing it rather than thinking about it too much is what worked best. After a couple of days I have started to realize how good it really is and how important.

So I understand all over again (never forgot in the first place) how difficult it is where food is concerned, where falling off the wagon is so much more easier. I read somewhere that junk foods are as addictive as drugs. So kids who get hooked on to the junky sugary stuff will find it very hard to detox. I should know. Here is my daily indulgence: 3-4 almond roca (have you tasted those? they are so damn addictive!), couple of cookies (shortbread or Oreos or anything else the kiddies have lying around) and a small cup of ice cream or a piece of cake. It is more or less the same for the kiddies as well but they don't get the almond roca, they eat their Halloween loot. Somedays I eat a bit more on somedays a bit less but I don't feel like a loser if I am active. Any activity be it walking or swimming compensates for the sweet stuff lack of which makes it real heavy. I need both to keep my equilibrium.

What is your indulgence and how do you keep your equilibrium?

I had a colleague who never mixed potatoes with rice or wheat, according to him that would be overdose of carbs. It is true but I tend to not follow it at all it seems , the side dishes I most love are the ones with potatoes in it. The semi dry kind of dishes that go well with rotis, usually have potatoes in them. This potatoes and bell pepper combination was done as a side for chapatis. The resulting texture is what I thought the name subzi symbolizes. I always thought that subzi meant a semi-dry side dish or does it mean any side dish. Is that true or is it a figment of my imagination? (you will all recognize here that I am Hindi challenged)

Potatoes and bell pepper subzi
1. 4-5 Medium sized potatoes (I used red potatoes) boiled till tender
2. 2 bell pepper diced (strips would work too)
3. 1/2 tbsp sambhar powder (or red chili powder)
4. 1 tsp amchur powder, 1 tsp turmeric powder
5. 1/2 Onion sliced, slightly thick slices
6. salt to taste
7. seasonings: mustard and cumin seeds (optional)
8. 2 tsp oil

1. Boil the potatoes till tender and cut into cubes or wedges
2. Heat a wide mouthed pan and heat oil, add the seasonings followed by the onions and saute for a few minutes.
3. Add the bell pepper and saute till the bell pepper is half cooked
4. Add the potatoes, the spice powders and salt - turmeric, amchur and sambhar
5. Give it a good mix, sprinkle about 3 tbsp of water, close the lid and let cook for 5-8 minutes.

Note: If you want it very dry, do not add water and do not close the lid.

Serve with rotis or side for any rice dish.


  1. It is lunch time for me here and I am just craving for the potato bell pepper sabji. To me it spells comfort food.
    You know, frankly I have that feeling too. I think having rice and potato (how ever good that might taste) is a carb load.

    My latest indulgence is Butterfinger. My colelague here keeps a jar full of them and I pick one to snack after lunch. I try my best to control, but sometiems cave in :-)

  2. RC, no doubt there, but aloo gobi with chapatis, rasam rice with some potato fry, masala dosai, the indulgent ones make carb-carb combination. hmmm..

    Can't blame you there, they are very addictive too. I hate most peanut butter candies but butterfinger is an exception, love the crunchy peanut brittle. I was on a addictive trip where I have a bag of those, keep them hidden from the kids and only I indulge (mean right?).

  3. I am bad at maintaining the equilibrium. The subzi looks great.I love potatoes too but reduced them a lot.
    BTW: Congrats to your daughter on making it to the program.

  4. I'm with you on the almond roca - i can never get enough of those. Nice sabzi. I love potato & carbs too much to give up even if it's carb overload :)

  5. I love potatoes in my sabzi too but my inner voice is like your colleagues and so I have tried to cut down on them as much as I can :( But S loves potatoes and so we do end up having it after all.

    Don't remind me of indulgences, I am trying to not binge till day before Thanksgiving ;-) The Halloween loot is hidden so that I can't easily spy it.

  6. Oh, I am the worst about exercising. Thank goodness I had the garden to take down and haul to the woods, or I might have done nothing all fall :)

    I have too many indulgences, but my favorite guilt-free treat is Skinny Cow ice cream. Probably over-processed, but oh, the truffle bars are to die for.

    Love the peppers and potatoes combination!

  7. Wow this sabzi looks gorgeous!

  8. Potato being versatile can be mixed up with any veggie...subzi looks yummy...

  9. We eat potatoes in moderation. Cannot ever not eat it, and have been trying to cut it down. we get the red ones and cook them in skins.
    other indulgences... don't buy much at home, the kids are allowed 2 Halloween candies per day.. they don't ask for more. But I think it is still a lot and waiting to get rid of a few/day so they don't know.

    Indhu, Aloo simla mirch is what I have been doing with the peppers from my yard ;-) I have never added sambar powder but add a little bit soy sauce.

  10. I fell off the wagon a few months ago...indulgences are too many - the weekly cocktail is the biggest in terms of calories, I suppose.
    Shimla mirch-aloo is a huge fave through summer...

  11. Indo, as far as I know, sabzi means vegetables, primarily. I can imagine how it can take on a different meaning/connotation in the South, but I'm not sure of the finer distinctions.

    For the last four months, I haven't had sweet cravings in bulk :-D So I haven't been eating much, just one or two pieces of chocolate after dinner. But haven't been losing any weight either, though I've been exercising. Anyway, I hope this phase lasts forever.

  12. Ah so simple and delicious veggie!

  13. Rice and potatoes are a must on any bengali's menu everyday. I keep hoping I'll get over this fixation someday. :-)
    I do make a potato bell pepper stir fry .. will try with sambar masala the next time. :-)

  14. Looks too good, thats a unique combo' never tried, a must try version.

  15. Looks terrific, ISG!I have been trying to exercise but somedays I am way off my routine..I have a sweet tooth, so cutting on carbs and sweets is slightly difficult but these days, one or two lindt pieces seem to satisfy my cravings.
    She is not big on candy or sweets except for the Dum dum pops..If only I was like her...:)

  16. I love potatoes with bell pepper and your version with sambar powder sounds like a winner :-)

  17. What forlorn subzis would be, without the potato! I like to add potatoes whenever I can ... even though the inner trainer is hollering on top of its voice that I will regret it someday! Que Sera Sera ... whatever will be, will be! I guess potatoes are right on top of my indulgence list ... the rest could potentially fill pages!

    Bell-peppers and potatoes ... there couldn't be a better marriage! Love your simple and lovely preparation!

  18. Sheetal Welcome!
    Que Sera Sera, indeed. I love that. Boiled potatoes cannot be counted as an indulgence really? no? Good carbs they are.

  19. Hey ISG, just dropping in to say hi. Lots of yummy cooking, I see :)

    Last couple weeks before the d-day. We're scurrying about to get evrything done and meet everyone before we leave. Crazy, crazy!

    Hope you are doing well. TC!


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