Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Murukku (Crunchy Savory Snack)

Deepavali this year was a memorable one in terms of achievement. It gave me an opportunity to cross a bridge that has been a tough one to cross. Fear of the unknown, a nervousness that put a mental block all had to overcome to get to this point. Several sleepless nights and watching in awe an array of people crossing this bridge with flying colors did not help but gave me a solid resolve. It took nearly 15years but finally I am on the other side feeling massively happy and satiated.

dough just before butter was added

Wondering what I am talking about? It is the process of making murukkus. Yes I finally did it. It was not hard as I imagined it to be but the murukku puzhi(press) proved to be the challenge. It was bought 15 years ago lying unused.

frying murukku

DD did a great job frying up the murukkus while I struggled to make murukku shapes with the press. She also figured out the right time to remove them from the hot oil and ensuring uniformly fried/colored murkkus. Couldn't have done without her.

when pressing this way proved hard

switched to this way and worked like a charm. the murukku came on top!

Like gulab jamuns these murkkus were a constant presence in grandma's house. Crunchy but delicate and super tasty and hardly any sign of oil. A phone call was placed to grandma to get the exact recipe on Deepavali day.

1. The dough should be just right, if watery more oil would be absorbed.
2. The heat should be uniform and medium low, this makes for uniformly cooked murukkus. Very high heat the murukku gets dark in color without it getting cooked inside.
3. Update: 2 parts rice for 1 part roasted chick pea powder. To this add 2 tbsp of urad dal for the aroma.
4. A large amount of urad dal powder will make the dough too stiff as it absorbs water.
The final result was well worth it. This kid adored snack was a delight. I was beyond thrilled that they tasted very close to ammayee's.

1. 2 cups par boiled rice (idly rice) soaked for 2 hours
2. 2 tbsp urad dal without skin
3. 1 cup roasted channa dal or dalia (pottukadalai)
4. a small pea sized piece of asfoetida
5. 8 red chilies
6. salt to taste
7. 2 tbsp butter
8. Oil for frying - 2 cups of Canola oil

Dough Preparation
1. Blend the rice to a smooth paste with the red chilies with the minimum amount of water required to blend or grind. Add salt and remove to a container.
2. roast the asfoetida for a few seconds
3. Dry roast the urad dal, cool and powder it along with the asfoetida.
4. Powder the roasted channa dal.
5. Mix the urad dal, channa dal powders to the blended rice along with the butter and make a pliable but stiff dough.

Frying the Murukkus
6. Oil the murukku press and fill it with the dough and press into desired shape on a old towel and then transfer to the oil or press directly into the oil.
7. Heat oil in a deep fryable pan, make sure the flame is medium low. (drop a small bit to check if the oil is hot enough)
8. Now drop the pressed murukku shapes into the oil and fry till done. You will see bubbles coming out at first and then slowly stopping and starting to slightly sink, remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.

1. Urad dal in the recipe is just for the flavor so do not use too much. It makes the dough stiff and makes it hard to press.


  1. Happy belated Diwali, ISG! Congrats on the murukku! They look crunchy and yum! Much as I love them, I have not crossed that bridge of making chaklis, murukkus and thengolus yet! Maybe one day soon... :)

  2. Congrats on your achievement...you did have sleepless nights???. I have the samce achu. Prefer them over the new ones although I have heard they are easy.
    Sprinkle some water to the dough if you are having trouble the next time pressing them ( try with a small batch ). I congratulate your daughter for the help she has done.

  3. The picture of the frying murukku is so gorgeous!! Congratulations :)

  4. Subversive, pun fully intended! Congratulations!

  5. Wow that has come out beautifully.
    Wish i had few now with tea.
    Crunch crunch.

  6. DD is such a dear girl. I am sure she will treasure memories of all these frying with you.
    I shy away from all traditional "thought to be difficult" stuff

  7. I can much on murukkus anytime and they were a huge part of my pregnancy cravings. These have transported me 7 months back in time. :-)

  8. I can much on murukkus anytime and they were a huge part of my pregnancy cravings. These have transported me 7 months back in time. :-)

  9. Murukku is a favorite snack for Diwali for everyone.They have come out real good.

  10. Job Well done Indhu. I don't think i will ever cross the bridge:-) I have an excuse that i do not have the press. Could not do much this Diwali, just a simple quick halwa for the prasad at home. When I come to your place I will demand murukku:-)

  11. Wow!I tell everyone there is no way I can make these!You make it look so simple!Besides I don;t have the press:P Tht is a much better excuse:)

  12. Soma and Shri, trust me it is easy once you gather the courage to it the first time. No murukku press - shall I mail it you ;)

  13. sra, trust you to find my inverted press interesting. subversive indeed!

  14. I was very very curious when I read the first paragraph and knowing you (atleast through your blogs) I would have never guessed that you were talking about making murukkus. I was expecting somethings like climbing the himalayas, running a marathon.... ok you get the idea :-))

  15. Congratulations!!! Indeed a great achievement in my books atleast - I tried this just once, came out fine but didn't attempt it again!!
    Kudos to DD for being such a great help!


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