Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Swiss Chard Challenge Roundup - 2

If I have a dream (which I often do) of how my garden should look like, here it is. Partners in Paradise is the article about the couple who live and have their garden in Vermont, in Washington Post if you are interested. I am not sure if in my lifetime I would get there but I sure would like to give it a shot. First I need to save money to buy myself some serious land to start the project ;)

The Chard Challenge was a call to gardeners to test their green thumb. Here is the second installment of the roundup.

Soma from the lovely eCurry blog has sent me 2 entries. I adore both of them. Tada the first one, beautiful red and green Amaranth.

1. Soma's Shak Bhaja: Amaranth Stir Fry

Green Amaranth

Red Amaranth

Gorgeous aren't they?

Second is the stunning Methi green also from Soma's garden.

2. Soma's Methi Dal (Lentil Soup with Fenugreek)


Rinku of Cooking in Winchester sends me her beet greens from the garden cooked up with some white lentils.

3. White lentils with beetgreens

beet greens

Thanks Soma and Rinku.

Chard Challenge is still on and I would be very pleased to get a few(lot) more entries. The event goes on till the end of October.


  1. Great recipes, ISG, and I love the photos in that Post slideshow. I must read the article, too.

    I owe you a chard post :)

  2. such wonderful entries!

  3. Wow to all tha ladies those who grow their food and a hats off to you Indo to start this. Living in an appartment now I have some space to start gardening. Myself and my sis were preparing a list of items to be purchased from the nursery. Hope I will join this event soon!

  4. I just wish i had atleast a small garden, but alas nope.

  5. Will send you mine by next week. Got some lovely pohi greens and swiss chard (thanks to you :D)

  6. Would love to live in that idyllic place too, growing my own veggies, fruits and flowers. of course, 'd have to hire a team of gardeners coz those plants won't survive me! :)

  7. Indo, Are other greens accepted too? I flunked on swiss chard, but passed on methi and mint. Can send you the pictures of my pots, but can't cook anything with them as my plants are in TO.

  8. I forgot to add - Have you checked white on rice couple's garden. It's just lovely. Off to check the paradise you mentioned.

  9. Kay, absolutely. I accept anything green :) Sorry for the late response, beginning of the school year :(

    Oh yes White on Rice Couple's garden is also one of my favorites.

  10. Kay, also, you don't have to cook anything with it. All I want is the plant.


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