Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Creamy Peas Curry

When I got an email from Stonyfield farms asking to try their Organic Greek Yogurt - Oikos and write about it, I readily agreed. Stonyfield Organic yogurt was the first organic yogurt that we tried some 10 years ago. DD was a poor eater and she hated curd (plain yogurt) but flavored yogurts were something that she was willing to eat. The added coloring in the flavored yogurts bothered me and in the quest for organic yogurt I chanced upon Stonyfield yogurt and have been fond of them ever since. The days I don't have home made yogurt we fall back on Plain Stonyfield yogurt which comes very close to the real thing. The email was the first I had heard of their Greek style yogurt.

3 stages of the black eyed peas - green bean stage (stir fries), the fully grown peas (curries, stir fries), dried

The Oikos Greek Yogurt was delicious creamy and smooth and luscious in the mouth. There is not much you need to do with it other than sprinkling a bit of sugar and nuts and it makes delicious Shrikhand and this I plan to do soon.

fresh black eyed peas (left), dried peas (right)

The Greek yogurt is creamy enough to be used as a substitute for heavy cream without all the fat. Peas and cream makes an excellent combination. I also added a few green black eyed peas in their pods from the garden and a half a cup of mango for a bit of sour taste. This is completely optional. I used dried yellow peas. Fresh green peas or dried green peas can also be used. Cooking in the peas in the pressure cooker has resulted in mush more than once and so cooking them in a saucepan for 8-10 minutes usually ensures that they are whole.


Creamy Peas Curry
1. 1 1/2 cups of dried yellow peas
2. 1/2 cup green mango cubed (optional)
3. 1/2 cup of fresh young black eyed peas in their pods (substitute with green beans)
4. 1/4 red onion chopped
5. seasonings - cumin seeds and curry leaves
6. 5.3 oz Greek Yogurt (Oikos)
7. 1-2 tsp oil
8. salt to taste

For the paste
1. 1/2 cup small red onions (or 1/2 red of a medium red onion)
2. 1 cup of loosely packed coriander leaves
3. 6 green chilies (or to taste)
4. 1 1/2 tbsp grated fresh coconut

In a bit of oil saute the onions till they turn brown. At this stage add the coriander leaves and green chilies. Towards the end add the coconut and mix it in. Turn off heat, cool and blend to a smooth paste.

1. In a sauce pan with water to soak the peas cook the peas for about 8-10 minutes. The peas should be mostly cooked but still firm.
2. In another pan heat a tsp of oil and season with cumin and curry leaves.
3. Add the onions and saute for a few minutes till they turn color. Add the beans, cooked peas and mango and saute for 3-4 minutes
4. Add the blended mixture and an extra cup of water and in medium heat cook till desired consistency is reached. Mine took 15 minutes. After the first 5 minutes add the salt.
5. Let come to room temperature and spoon in the yogurt. Do not add the yogurt when too hot, the yogurt will split.
6. Add a dash while serving.
Goes great with any bread or even rice.

This is I realize is perfect for the MLLA - 14 event hosted by Susan of the Well Seasoned Cook.

Have you seen a purple hued custard apple?


  1. Thats very different and a unique curry! Wow that custard apple looks gorgeous, never saw one in pink color..

  2. Greek yogurt is popping up all over! Love the creamy peas :)

  3. ISG I forgot to add, where do you get custard apple? It's gorgeous!

  4. The 3 stages of beans, thanks for the information ( i did not know that). Liked the peas curry and the idea of adding raw mango to it topping with yogurt.

    Thanks for the Shrikhand link :-)

  5. Linda, I have seen custard apple in the Asian stores here. This particular pink one is from my aunt's parents garden back home.

  6. I love the Oikos & they are so perfect for the Shrikahnd. that is a very yummy peas curry esp. with the mango.

    I have seen the pinkish custard apple.. well not here.. anyway i never saw a custard apple here. I love those & miss them bad.

  7. Looks good Indo, I always love the peas with mango added to them.

  8. Fascinating glimpse of the various stages of a black-eyed pea, and a great recipe to feature them in.
    Green mango with yogurt sounds extra tangy and tasty.

    Thanks for your MLLA contribution, Indosungod.

  9. Wow gorgeous curry dish! just love the custard apple!!never saw in pink colour..

  10. never seen purple custard apple so beautiful and very delicious recipe.

  11. Wow thats a creamy treat. I love black eyed peas when they were fresh. Dried ones also make for a great puli kuzhambu. This curry is new and looks lovely. Puple colored custard apple ? First time seeing it.

  12. wow, looks great. I've enjoyed their greek yogurt too! And that pink custard apple looks so good :)

  13. Very informative....that's an really creamy and yum recipe... never saw purple custard apple....thanks for sharing...

  14. This looks so appetising!


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