Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swiss Chard Challenge Roundup - 1

This is a great article, Read on,

It's often said that a green thumb is a dirty thumb. The best way to learn to garden is simply to start doing it, with a sharp eye out for the way plants grow
successfully in the wild. Certain rules apply, and whether those are unchanging natural laws and part of a grand plan, nobody knows. But there are enough observable patterns of cause and effect that if you jump onto nature's merry-go-round at the right speed, you are guaranteed a good ride.

-- Click to continue reading the article in the Washington Post titled Nature and Nurture, Slowly.

Yup, gardening requires a lot of patience and a bit of hardwork. But the rewards are huge. I am very happy that a lot of people are taking up the Swiss Chard Challenge and growing their favorite greens. I got a few entries for the roundup this month. Here I present the entries I have received so far.

Asha of Foodie's Hope with Swiss Rainbow Chard Dal and Stir-Fry


Asha's enthusiasm is infectious. Amidst the hustle and bustle of returning from India and having to get ready for her daughter's graduation (Congratulations! Trisha)she took the time to send me some beautiful Chard.

Aarthi of Random thoughts and musings


While waiting for her Swiss Chard Aarthi sent me some green green Methi. I am looking forward to seeing her Chard plants.

and finally my Chard Plants.


Roundups will continue every month till October. So go ahead and send in your entries. Details here.


  1. great looking plants..indo I wish I had mine too...will plan on I just have some palak, mint

  2. Lovely pics, yes gardening requires patience and gives a lot of relaxation to the mind and body.

  3. You all inspire me to plant something in my yard, instead of clapping from the sidelines. Great going y'all.

  4. All I can say is WOW & I pity myself, well so far.. but looking forward to the new fence & the outcome:-)

  5. Man! Such gorgeous looking plants!! You are all making me jealous. I wish I had room to plant like that!

  6. Roundups continue till October?? Okay, I still have some chance to participate then. :)

    The swiss chard plants look gorgeous!!!

  7. Wow lovely garden & great plants .. I wish I had some space to plants too ...Great going ,keep it up .

  8. what a great intro and roundup! you are tempting me, may try growing swiss chard in pots then :D

  9. Looks lovely! So glad to send you one, glad I didn't miss! I was thinking of my Chards and your event all the time when I was in India, emailed Arvind to water them often from Latha's PC! :D

    Thanks indo! Enjoyed Trisha's graduation, exceeded our expectation of what we had imagined, so dignified and elegant ceremony. We were so proud, felt like my chest is going to burst. You will experience that too in few years and Linda next year! It makes you want to cry! :)

    I know few bloggers with no kids wouldn't understand the feeling or what I write in my posts and leave some Juvenile and arrogant comments without even reading it properly sometimes, which makes me so mad but only few like you, Happy Cook, Sandeepa, Linda and few others would understand my feelings and understand the joy of seeing our kids becoming good, honest adults and grow beautifully. I am so glad to know you all.
    18yrs I sacrificed to be here to raise kids by not visiting India was well worth it and I have no regrets since my family there are doing very well too! I know, I know! I am getting emotional now, which is rare! ;P
    Okay Indo, have a fun week. I will upload some photos at Flickr and let you know the link. Will keep in touch.

  10. Asha, Glad to hear that the graduation ceremony went well. The pride in seeing your children do well is second to none. You should be proud of what you have achieved too.

    Just Ignore the silliness and pettiness and don't let it ruin it for you. For things to change there should be an acceptance of what is wrong. To defend your country while sitting comfortably in front of your computer in a centrally airconditioned house in a foreign country is indeed very easy. Words are cheap. It reminds me of Bush and Cheney sending hundreds and thousands of soldiers to harms way when they and their own are living comfortable and very rich lives.
    Skim the surface and ignore the content seems to be how it is done by youngsters and not so young(if you are in college in your mid-late 20s and 30s does not mean you are a youngster). I have seen many versions of this kind of patriotism and frankly I do not respect them any more for that and above all I hate opinion police.

  11. You have to waiiiiiiiiit for mine, mine are still growing and it will be a while before I can make something :)

  12. Great looking plants, I am waiting for mine to grow, not sure how long it is going to take !

  13. Hi,

    Lovely pictures of your garden. I see that last year you had grown bitter, ridge and snake gourds. So did you grow all close by? Mine are just coming up and I am growing them all on the same fence. Some books say different tyoes of gourds/cucumbers shouldnt be grown so close to avoid cross-pollination between all these different varieties.

    Anyway thanks for posting your garden pictures. A delight to see them.


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