Monday, May 11, 2009

A "Green" Pizza

Hope all the mothers out there had a great Mother's Day. We are not much into the Hallmark holidays and other than the hand drawn/made gifts that DDs bring from school there is usually no gift giving. DH is of the belief that the bank account is joint so it is easy to buy ourselves the things we need rather than an elaborate gift exchange. This eases the pressure on me and I have bought into this cool idea big time. Very romantic household don't you think?


Things changed a little bit this Mother's Day. There was a lot of activity and secrecy Saturday evening and on Sunday the little darlings gave me the wrapped gift. Beautiful platters and bowl for my blog. There will be on display in this space very soon. I have been asked several times already if I am cooking something that can be plated on the new crockery. Now I am under pressure to come through for Father's Day hmmm.


During the day we went of on a picnic with a large group of friends. while we (the adults) were busy socializing and playing volleyball DD2 spend the whole day under the sun playing in the sand building castles and making mud cakes thoroughly enjoying herself. She did not drink water and I was too busy to remind her and the result, when we came home DD2 was burning up with fever. She started sleeping right after we came home and woke up around midnight and I lay awake unable to fall sleep thinking of the three letter word that has so scared us the past few weeks - FLU. The temperature is down this morning and fortunately I have eliminated the most obvious symptoms. The mommy police must be tsk tsking about not being on my toes as a parent all the time and thus ended our Mother's Day.

The gift sure sealed the deal that the family would continue to see dishes like this "Green Pizza" on the table. On the weekends while breakfast and lunches are easy the dinner is usually not an easy affair. This is perfect for a relaxed Saturday dinner.

The name attribution goes to Vani of Mysoorean from her comment on the Tibetan Flatbread and it suited the Pizza perfectly. As I had mentioned in the post this bread made a perfect pizza base. I doubled the recipe to make a slightly thicker crust.


Thick Crust Pepper and Mushroom Pizza
For the base: Based on the Tibetan Flat Bread
1. 2 Cups Whole Wheat flour (I used chapati flour)
2. 1 Cup All Purpose Flour
3. 2 tsp baking powder
4. 1 tsp salt
5. 2 tbsp olive oil
6. 2 1/2 Cups + 3 tbsp Water (I should have used slightly more water for the dough)

For the topping:
1. 1 Orange Bell Pepper
2. 1 Large Banana Pepper
3. 1 pack Baby Bella Mushrooms
4. Shredded Mozzarella cheese
5. 1 tsp chili powder + salt

Slice the veggies and set aside.

For the sauce:
1. 4 Roma tomatoes chopped fine
2. 2 tsp chili powder

1. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt with water to form a gooey dough. I should have added a bit more water because of the WW flour.
2. To a 12" slightly deep cold saute pan add the olive oil and then the dough and spread it around. Dip a rubber spatula in the oil and use it pat the dough around (my dough was slightly less gooey because of less water another 1/4 cup should have been enough)
3. Add the 2 tbsp of water around the dough to create steam. Cover the pan.
4. In medium high heat cook for 10 minutes.
5. Flip the bread over and cook for 5 more minutes.

6. While cooking the bread, in a pan saute the pepper first followed by the mushrooms. Sprinkle with the chili powder and salt and set aside.

7. Along side in a pan cook the tomatoes with some chili powder and salt to the desired consistency.

8. The bread should be done at this point, add the sauce, the veggies and the cheese. Put the lid back on, reduce the heat to below medium till the cheese melts.
Let it sit for a few minutes, cut and serve.

The kids showered praises like "this is the best pizza I ever tasted". The crust on this one was thick and solid. Adjust the crust thickness as per taste


  1. Happy Mother's day . Thats a lovely pizza and a perfect recipe.
    I am hosting an event called 'The potluck - chicken' . Expecting all your support and yummy dishes there. Hearty welcome dear.

  2. I want to have double portion fromthat cheesey mushroom pizza, the thought makes me drool all over the keyboard :-)

  3. Glad to have a part in the "naamkarna"! :) Thanks for the mention, ISG! Happy Mother's Day. Looks like it was a special day.
    I shopped for Mother's day myself and Nitin took me out for a nice lunch. I like things to get mushy sometimes (like flowers and chocolates) but no hope for that with N!
    Pizza looks great! Can't believe you did not have to switch the oven on for this!

  4. My mother's day comes with a lot of hand crafts & cards which are the best. I am fortunate that my hubby always manages to surprise me,even if its with something small & sweet, & i do not do a good enough job during fathers day as i cannot keep a secret from him:-( This time it was flowers..

    That bread really would make great pizza base!! I so love it that u used mushroom, its my fav thing to have on pizza.

    the FLU or fever at this time is scary. so glad to hear that she is better. i would have totally freaked out..
    & we can still be (virtual) friends.. that does not make me anxious:-D

  5. Ditto here, no gifts ,just hand made cards or some sweet gestures by my kid and as a matter of fact, i celebrate Mother's Day many times in a year that way :-)
    I know how terrible it feels when kids do not keep well, i get so very much anxious and just keep on looking for symptoms of worst of sickness when actually it might just be some allergic reactions( Are all mothers like that or its just a chemical lochaaaaa in my brain ?)
    Coming to pizza,it's a hands down winner dear..amazing recipe :-)

  6. Happy Mothers day!

    that's one awesome pizza... love the cheese on top...

  7. Lovely Pizza! I love mushrooms in my pizza and this looks like a perfect celebration. And yeah we should not only be monitoing the inputs of our kids but the outputs too. My sis used to time her kids intakes and outputs and thats how saving him from all the drugs inpite of him being a pre-maturely delivered boy!

  8. Thats a gorgeous Pizza makes me hungry, Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Happy mother's day! The pizza looks so grand! And how green! I'll give it a try soon. :)

  10. And Indo, what a wonderful idea for the gifts. we have that common bank account - get whatever you want - thing going on here too. Way too romantic, I agree!

    Mother's day was fun for me too - No, I'm not talking about the dental appointment. I just happened to find something that I had been looking for, for ages.

  11. Nice Mothers Day Indo. It must have been hot in MD, here it was warm but not hot. Our picnic plan fell through 'coz of my allergies :( but it was nice with b'fast made by dad & nice gifts :D

    Don't blame yourself, kids do fall sick and DD2 was having fun after all :)

    Yummy pizza

  12. Lovely pizza.. sure would have tasted yumm! I always love the handcrafted one than anything else.. :)

  13. Happy Mother's day and what a great gift you got!! that pizza looks just awesome!

  14. that looks pizza in any form...

    thank you for visiting my blog and leaving ur lovely comments. Hope to see u around.

  15. mouthwatering pepper mushroom pizza! great recipe...
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  16. Lovely! You made your own pizza base with atta. Pretty nice.

  17. So easy! :) A loves mushrooms. I can eat the pepper bit while he eats the other side :D

  18. yummy pizza.. looks very tempting.. its been ages since i had pizza.

  19. what sweethearts your children are. now show us those platters and bowls. :D okay, here's a clue. for the next CLICK, you don't have to cook anything. just show me those platters and bowls. guess what the theme will be!!!

  20. We are a family with the same thought that Mother's Day, Father's day are hallmark holidays. They make you ride on that emotional roller coaster ride.
    I hope your DD2 is feeling well. That must have been scary. There is hardly any talk of the swine flu right?

    Love the green pizza


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