Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Simple Lunches - 15 (Mushroom Raita)

Is it only me or has it gotten colder a lot earlier this year? We saw flurries in the evening and snow was expected overnight but none came. The kids were disappointed but I am happy the white stuff did not make its presence felt yet. Some folks like the change in season, I for one would be happy with just one, the hot summer season. The heat does not bother as much as the cold does. Well anyway winter has not astronomically started yet and I am moaning already.

One thing winter invariably does is make you crave for sumptuous food. Chapatis, aloo gobhi, aloo paratha would all fall into that category but these are dishes that not too long ago, were considered restaurant fare and to a certain extent exotic food. Cooking these dishes did not come naturally nor did they fit in neatly with the menu of the day. Chapatis were always accompanied by a watery gravy and aloo gobhi would have been considered too dry for a side. This all changed when I started cooking for myself, aloo gobhi, aloo parantha all make their appearance once a week and are considered down home food. The only thing I make sure is to have a raita of some kind to substitute for the watery kurma/gravy of childhood.

Anita's Sookhi Aloo Gobhi with chapatis and a mushroom raita on the side makes for a complete meal enjoyed by all. We used to visit a hole in the wall place, infact a very dirty dhaba place for their samosas and this aloo gobhi. The food was tasty and for Indian food very very reasonably priced but cleanliness was a BIG problem. There was always a big queue waiting to buy samosas and the rotis, parathas, naans were all cooked right before our eyes and my consolation was they were made fresh so can't be all bad. Eventually their Food Service License was suspended and place was shuttered for rat and roach infestation. Did not surprise me though I have wondered often why the guy (a respected ex-professor) could not keep the place clean. But no worries there, once armed with this recipe I no longer miss the hole in the wall place anymore.


Mushroom Raita
1. 2 packs Baby Bella mushrooms washed and sliced
2. 1 1/2 tsp sambhar powder
3. Salt to taste
4. 1 1/2 Cups Yogurt
1. In a wok heat oil and add the sliced mushrooms
2.The mushrooms will shed water, add salt and on high continue to cook till the water evaporates.
3. Add the sambhar powder and saute for a minute.
4. Cool completely and add to the yogurt.


  1. We are yet to experience the winter cold here in our neck of the woods "fingers crossed". I can tolerate summer anytime.
    Mushroom raits is totally new to me.

  2. That was a nice writeup. I too need some curry for chapathis and cannot have them with dry veggies.

  3. I love this platter! yeah me too a summer girl can't stand the chillness (imagine me shivering in Chennai's winter mornings :)) I often crave for hot meals whatever it is. I find piping hot rice with a hot pepper rasam and papads on the side very comforting too!

  4. Mushroom Raitha, wowww wat a creativity, its completely new to me..lovely lunch...

  5. Indo, I got used to Chapathi and dry sabji when I lived in Pune for a while. and started loving them from then on!

    The mushroom raita is totally cool! We had snow yesterday... the first real snow of this year. It's beautiful outside. I can understand why the kids must be disappointed. :)

  6. what a lovely plate indo..I guess we are used to the watery gravies...though hubby lived in north for sometime, he still can't take dry these raithas are a must on the side..:0)....

  7. Here to it has gotten cold much earlier.

  8. the thali looks so comforting Indo :) I think the same too.. it's too cold way too early!

  9. Hmmm. Why haven't I thought of this before?

  10. I made bittergourd raita yesterday...actually I didn't know what to call it till I saw your mushroom raita recipe :) I made it the same way, but used chili powder instead of sambar powder... next time I will try with mushrooms..

  11. Mushroom raitha sounds interesting dude..

  12. I totally agree with you .. the heat is so much more tolerable than this frigid weather we have right now. I just cribbed about it in my post too :) Your lunch looks sumptuous.

  13. u are having flurries already?its either time passing too fast or winter coming early. isin't it funny how the best food comes from these hole in the wall places?

  14. Mushroom raita is so indigineous! :)


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