Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feeling LEFT out but ...

Vote I must and so must you. If you live in one of the safe red or blue states you would understand exactly what I mean. As a safe blue stater and living in one of the most liberal counties in the country the outcome of our voting pattern has been predetermined a long time ago!. This means one thing, Democratic canditates take us for granted and the Republican don't even bother campaigning here. But just across the Potomac river the voters are courted and dated like they are royalty. If you sense a bit of envy maybe thats what I feel. They live in one of the so called battle ground states. So the parade of presidential canditates happens every other day. VA has been slowly trending Democratic with the growth of the high-tech industry in the Northern Virginia suburbs and the Democrats have been hoping they would go Blue in this year's Presidential election. Obama has made more trips these 2 years than I can count while we just a few miles north did not warranty a stop over even a single time :(

There is a silver lining in all of this, we have not been bombarded with numerous advertisements like these battle ground staters. The few that we have seen I have not paid much attention. DD has been paying more attention and analyzes what each candidate has been saying in their ads. With the sense of fairness only a 10 year old can muster her analysis has been that McCain ads have been very negative without highlighting what positives he has, whereas Obama's have shown what great things he can do/done and is not very negative about the opponent.

After the intial silence, the last few weeks we have seen a spike with the "Spread the wealth" ads. Obama is supposed to have said this to "Joe the plumber". This particular one has me gritting my teeth as well. Does McCain suggest that it is ok to spread the wealth from the bottom to the top but the other way around is not acceptable? The number of times these rich guys have gone before congress to bail them and their failing industries has been greater than the number of years Bush has been in office. Started with the airlines, the oil industry even though they have declaring record profits quarter after quarter, the Wall Street, now the auto industry and don't forget the subsidies rich farmers have been getting all this time and this entitlement is pretty much untouchable. So the workers at the bottom whose wages have been stagnating while their bosses have been getting richer and richer and not without a big helping hand from the so called evil government cannot and absolutely have wealth spreading from the top to the bottom. This alone would be considered Socialism? Well I don't get it!

There are many things I don't get about one candidate or the other but there is a clear choice to be made in which direction we want the country to head. The choice is in each of our hands.


  1. Well said ISG. I am not a citizen yet, so I just get to watch sitting on the sidelines. Next time I should be in and then do the right thing.

  2. Your daughter analyzes well. Smart girl!

    That was the same problem with ads here - Dion ads were so bad that didn't show any of his strengths. Good person, bad leader, bad strategist - so, he obviously lost!

    It is so important to get out there and vote. I get into arguments over this with people who declare they won't vote because they don't like both candidates. But chose the better of the two evils, otherwise you won't like the next 4 yrs of minority governance too.

    I've never exercise my voting rights, only because I've never been there when the election happens. Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite when we have the above argument!

  3. :) I am in one of the battleground states.. and I must say it was extremely annoying to turn on the TV. Not just the Presidential ads but each and every congressional district, state representatives.. everything was so negative.. I am not much of a TV watcher in general but whenever I turned the TV on, I wished we werent a battleground ! :)Yes, Obama did visit here many many times.. but I was always at work.. never thought of even going there.. :)

    What KAY said about choosing lesser of two evils.. I kept telling the group that wont vote the same thing. I also told them, I pay the same taxes and go through the same things you do.. but then, I dont have a say because i am not a citizen.. and when you have a say.. make it heard.. One of the guys went.. and voted for Nader probably..! :))


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