Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Purple Sweet Potatoes Roast

I eat flavored yogurts of several different kinds but vanilla yogurt is one that gives me the heebie jeebies, while vanilla flavored frozen yogurt is perfectly fine. It was not always that way, I picked up a tub of flavored vanilla yogurt aeons ago when I still had to buy plain yogurt, brought it home mixed it with rice and with a side of some mango pickle settled in front of the TV to enjoy and what followed does not make for a good commentary on a food blog. Home made yogurt/curd is the best but of the store bought variety StonyField Farm Plain Yogurt comes close and if it is from full milk even better.

I am not exactly sure what brought this on. But has anyone else had the same experience of eating vanilla yougurt by mistake instead of plain yougurt and were you scarred by it for life?

The other day I had to drive to UPS to drop something off but I was there a bit early. The strip mall houses an Asian grocery store, I walked in to kill some time. Walking around the produce section noticed these white skinned sweet potates and imagined them to be similar to the Indian kind. I put them in the pantry and there they were till I picked up this morning. What a pleasant surprise when I cut them open to boil - beautiful purple and white spirals. I did a bit of research or in other words googled and found they are the Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potatoes - link has a lot of information. And that is the answer to the Guess! If you have an Asian grocery store drop in to check it out. I am going there again for a few more :)

Don't have to do anything fancy, just steam and enjoy. Sweet and very very tasty. Here is what I did with them.

What is the vegetable? Purple Sweet Potato!

1. 3 Sweet potatoes
2. 2 tsp sambhar powder
3. salt to taste
4. tsp of oil

1. Boil the potates, peel and cut into cubes.
2. Heat oil in a wok, add the potatoes and roast with a sprinkling of salt and sambhar powder.

Serve as a snack or as a side with any rice dish.


  1. wow...this seems to be a very easy and tasty recipe.

  2. gorgeous, aren't they? i detest vanilla yogurt. strawberry is fine, other flavours are fine. vanilla is not.

  3. LOL, I can so identify with the vanilla yogurt incident... same thing has happened to me - can you believe it - multiple times! I just don't pay any attention when I shop and still occasionally pick up the vanilla ones! Once I even used some to marinate lamb, and it was the worse lamb curry I've ever made! :(
    Those sweet potatoes look very pretty!

  4. Wawwii this is the first time i saw purple tomatoes...it looks yummy..

  5. Oooh I can so relate to that incident of eating flavored vanilla yogurt. That has happened to me before and I being a staunch lover of yogurt rice, could not tolerate the taste on my mouth for hours. Eeks! Neat potato roast.

  6. Purple potatoes roast looks delicious..

  7. They looked suspiciously like beetroot. Suspicious because beetroot is not a favourite with us.:)
    We don't get this variety here. A very nice way to cook them.
    Just came upon your blog, by chance.

  8. I have never had potatoes like this, but have heard aobut them.
    I remember reading your earlier post about the vanilla and rice.

  9. Hi Indo, I love Plain yogurt by Dannon. Usually, I don't buy vanilla yogurt but love to eat vanilla in anything.

    My kitchen is gone, trying not to look at too many yummy dishes in the blogs!! :D

  10. hahaaaaa! I was that scarred for life about vanilla yogurt once. It lasted for two years till I found flavored yogurt from TJs. But I had smartened up by then and just ate it like that.

    Purple potato roast sound yummy! I have some of those at home, but mine are totally purple - like those ones the jugalbandi folks made those psychedelic bondas with.

  11. This looks so good. Love the color of these potatoes.

  12. oooo to ye potato the. I cheked that in ur previous post. looks good.

  13. wow, that looks delicious and easy to make too! Know what you mean about vanilla yougurt ;)
    Happy dassera to you and your family ISG!


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