Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pinto Beans with Ridge Gourd

Isn't it usually the small things that make life interesting? One thing common about most evenings is the fact that we are always rushing and on this particular evening we rushing out of the swimming pool around 8 in the evening and I was preoccupied with dinner combinations going through my mind as everybody is starving by this time and we'd eat each other if dinner is not ready in like 3 minutes after we get home. At this moment DD2 poses a query "Can we take the alligator today?" I was not really paying attention and reply "Alligator? We will visit the Zoo soon and see if they have one there" DD2 "No today, it is right here in the swimming pool" by then every one in the locker room is getting interested about the alligator.
DD1 exasperated jumps in "Amma, all she wants to do is go up in the elevator". We all burst out laughing.


When the weather started cooling off a bit the ridge gourd started bearing clumps of fruit, they did not grow to the size they were growing during the summer months but we still got a few every other day. I have never eaten so many ridge gourds in my life! The frost few days back killed off the plant and we had a bunch of young tender ridge gourds to be used up. They taste great with any type of legume or even lentils like bengal gram, horse gram or whole moong dal. Sra's is hosting the fourth instalment of 'My Legume Affair' started by Susan and seemed like a good time to send it off to her. Very simple recipe but packs a nutritious punch.

If you do not have ridge gourd, zucchini, snake gourd or bottle gourd can be used as well.


Serves: 3-4
1. 2-3 Tender ridge gourds, ridge scrapped and chopped into tiny pieces (I used about 6 because mine were really tender)
2. 1/2 red onion or 1/2 cup shallots chopped
3. 1 Cup of Cooked Pinto beans (black, kidney beans would also work)
4. 3/4 tbsp sambhar powder (substitute with coriander powder and chili powder)
5. seasonings - cumin and mustard
6. salt to taste

1. Cook and drain the Pinto beans and set aside
2. Heat oil in a pan, crackle the seasonings and saute the onions till translucent.
3. Now add the chopped ridge gourd pieces and saute for a few minutes, add salt close the lid and let cook it soft but the ridge gourd should still be crunchy about 8-10 minutes.
4. Open lid add the sambhar powder and beans and mix.
5. Cook for a minute or two more and switch of heat.
Perfect side ready for chapathis or rice.

We had them with chapathis and some onion,tomato raita.


  1. This sounds like an unique combo..Perfect entry..

  2. Yeah, this is a new combo to me too!
    I still yearn for the country-style ridge gourds that are short and stubby. As a result, I've even stopped making ridgegourd unless I get it pre-cut because the thought of peeling and cutting all those lengths of gourd weakens me! :( But you know I'm lazy!

  3. I do wish i got this veggie here, i love this kind fo dish.

  4. Indo, We had our alligator moment last week. I was asking her 'Cmon, let's take the elevator. 'Alligator amma? suuuuuuure! :)

    And I like the new comment window :)

  5. Oh oh, the peerkangai is really really tender. sumptuous dinner, eh!

  6. This sounds healthy to me. Looks so nice. Love to have it with roti..

  7. I love peerkangai and this combo is new to me! Thats a pretty quick dish to whip up!

  8. ind, u should have sent few ridge gours to me ;) i love this veggie and especially its peels used in chuteny. yummoooo...
    this is a very interesting recipe. i have a can of pinto beans sitting in one corner sinces ages. let me see if i can get hold of a ridge gourd.

  9. Sia, I only wish you lived in shippable distance :) I still have 2 in the fridge and ofcourse the saved peels as well. Like you say the peels chutney is delicious as well.


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