Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paasi Paruppu Urundai (Moong Dal Sweet balls)

The practice of taking home made goodies when we go to visit folks was common until just a few years ago. Now this practice is slowly eroding, there is nothing wrong, why spend hours in front of a stove when it is just easy to go to a store and buy the same. But the fun in making them has its own allure. Sweets like this paasi paruppu urundai is not commonly found in stores, in those rare instances when it is found it is glamorized and loses its simple taste.

Made with just sugar and ghee besides the dal, it is a non sinful treat and also packs a protein punch. It can even pass off as a health food.

    Green Earth
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1. 2 Cups of split Moong Dal with skin on
2. 2 Cups of sugar (1 3/4 cups would have been just right)
3. 2 tbsp of broken cashews
4. 4 cardamom pods
5. Ghee from 1 1/3 stick of butter (if you want perfectly shaped rounds increase the ghee)

1. In a wide mouthed pan roast the moong dal and the cardamom pods together till the dal starts turning slightly brown. Transfer immediately to a plate to cool.
2. In another pan heat a bit of ghee and roast the cashews.
3. Mix the moong dal and sugar and powder in a blender. It does not have to be too fine a powder.
4. Mix in the roasted cashews.
4. Heat the ghee and add to the dal powder and mix with a spoon.
5. Make desired sized round balls.

Pop one or two in the mouth to start the day with a protein punch ;)


  1. This is totally new to me. The other similar ones that I know of are besan and what laddu. Very nice ISG.

  2. Looks so good. I never tasted this sweet before. I am going to try this for sure. Thanks.


  3. ISG, pretty new to me as well! Tks for sharing, tks for your wishes as well!

  4. I've never heard of these, but I want to try this. Very unique.

  5. When are you visiting me, Indo? :)

    I'd love some of those 'handmade at home' urundais. They look so nice!

  6. nice way to start the day.:)

  7. How innovative Indo..must've been so tasty!..

  8. Oops...that was me..valli..:)

  9. Thanks, Indosungod,

    Nice to hear from you again!

    ‘Kefalograviera’ is a typically Greek, hard sheep’s milk cheese, and might be hard to find outside an authentic Mediterranean market; but it’s not too unlike Gruyere/Jahlsberg or even Parmesan; so I’m sure they would make for fine substitutes.

  10. Have not had this sweet ... looks good to try.

  11. time is changing but i still prefer homemade sweets to store bought where too much of ghee/vanspati and nuts spoil the real taste of main ingredient. thanks for another lovely recipe indo.

  12. these must have been so delicious. i recall reading somewhere that plastic nos 1 and 2 are safe for recycling. the rest and just sent to other parts of the world and dumped there for them to deal with.

  13. Yum way to start the day..I recently made with a healthy multigrain and lentil mix powder that we found in Indian stores.So when are u going to visit me with these goodies?

  14. I've been catching up on all the posts Indo... Lot more free time on hand, what's going on? I remember you had some very mysterious lines in an older post too, did I miss anything? :)
    Love these moong dal laddus... You can bring some for me if you ever visit, okay?

  15. wow ISG this looks so good, I have been wanting to try it for a while now... have to try your recipe. :)

  16. Bee, that is good to know. I will check out a bit more and see what exactly they do with the non 1 & 2. I sure do hope they don't consider dumping into a poor country as recycling.

    Sig, I would have visited you for sure this week to be exact if I had not decided to leave the whole thing behind. I just got tired of the politics and oneupmanship that was going on. The sad part is I actually enjoyed what I was doing but the rest made it unworthwhile.

  17. Tried this recipe today. Was really yummy! (I did not powder it very fine and so it was really crunchy and delicious. Thanks for the recipe..


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