Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chickpeas, peanuts, green mango and apple - A Salad

Sometimes a shock is required to wake out of a slumber. Last couple of weeks have been Credit Card nightmares for us. I realized last week that I had missed paying my CC bill :( We dont' use cash for purchases and paying off the CC bill is a top priority and its usually my responsibility. I rarely if ever miss a payment. But all good things must come to an end - last week I goofed and was about 3-4 days late. The following week I realize someone has been using our CC. I received the recent CC bill and was shocked to see close to a $100 added as finance charge and late fee. All the more reason to payoff those CC bills on time. That is a $100 which can find better use somewhere. Anyway I called the CC company, they waived the late fee but refused to do anything about the finance charge. I have made a few resolutions. One is a reminder to check paying off the bill and another taking a leaf out of Asha's book and check the CC transactions every other week.

I had some green mango sititng in the fridge, a bag of Granny Smith apples that DD2 insisted we buy at the grocey store and some soaked chickpeas and raw peanuts. After a very heavy lunch none of us were ready for carbs during dinner time. A salad with all these and some corn kernels seemed a good idea.


Sourness from the mango, sweetness from the apple, crunchiness of the nuts and a slight trace of heat from the chilli sauce, all provided a medley of flavors, making a simple salad into a tasty delight.

1. 1 Cup of Chickpeas soaked overnight
2. 1/4 Cup of dried raw peanuts soaked overnight
3. 1/4 Cup raw green mango chopped
4. 2 Small Granny smith apples chopped
5. 1/2 Cup of frozen corn cooked with some salt.
6. Chilli sauce (optional)
7. 1 lime
8. 1 Tomato chopped (did not add it for fear of raw tomatoes but it would added color and extra flavor)

1. Cook the chickpeas and peanut in some salted water, drain.
2. Mix the rest of the ingredients, squeeze the lime
3. Mix, drizzle with some chilli sauce


  1. Beautiful and colorful salad! :)

  2. wow,..salad,..looks yummy and delicious,..

  3. thats really bad to know Indo..can't you get it cleared any other way?..I have tried keeping reminders for such due dates...have always been so petrified on such things...

    salad looks yummy..munching on that raw mango must've been great right!

  4. That is a very unusual combination... looks delicious Indo.... Sorry to hear about all the CC troubles!

  5. The salad looks and sounds so refreshing..looks pretty &colourful too!!Great entry!!

  6. This is one excellent salad for summer!

  7. Kalai yup and very tasty too.

    notyet100, a resounding yes.

    Valli, appreciate the concern. Nope the finance charges could not be taken off but the unauthorized purchases were taken care of by the CC company. It is good to be paranoid about these things. The filters the company were using seems to have worked and locked off the account once that was triggered by transactions that were suspicious. But never hurts for us to be watchful right?

    Oh definitely the raw mango was the highlight of the salad.

    Sig, really especially when I am preoccupied at work right?

    Divya, thank you.

    Shankari definitely is, one more way to use up the raw mango. This is the first year I am getting them here and putting them to max. usage :)

  8. So sorry about $100 fee etc. I have 3 cards, always note down the last day of current billing date and pay off online. Even if I forget, my paper bill comes in the mail within a week, that reminds me as well. Arvind just earns the money and I do the rest of it and they think being a homemaker is easy! Bah!!;D
    Yeah, Banks wait for the opportunity to get your money like hawks and increase your APR quickly too. Hounds!!
    Apple in salad wonderful, salads are the best now even though it's lot cooler these days!:)

  9. true, one has got to be very vigilant these days, slight slip up and a major charge cames ur way!
    Salad looks very refeshing, salted boiled peanuts taste so good ;)

  10. oh my!!! what an experience... that just reminds me to pay my CC bills :)
    salad looks yum indo... perfect for snacking too...

  11. We get something similar on Madras beaches! Wish I was there - Love the chatpata taste of your dish:)

  12. This is a lovely summer salad. You can't go wrong with chickpeas!

  13. Simple is best, they say! Unusual combi -love that! I know what u mean about CC bills, they can be a real headache sometimes! The fact that you were on top of it all the times before should tell them something, right? But am glad that they at lest reversed the late fee.

  14. Sorry to hear about your credit card troubles.. What the heck is a finance charge??? They really look for excuses to take our money, dont they?

    We try to pay our bills/rent/everything on the last 2-3 days of each month.. That way we'll have a long catch up period (usually the last date is the middle of the month for most bills) even if we missed. Don't ask why we 'had to' make such arrangements ;)

  15. Been there, done that ISG. I am guilty of paying the CC bill late couple of times myself. But after much pleading managed to remove the late pay also. It is such a hassle. Hope all your issues get resolved soon.

    The salad has all unique combination. Great summer idea.

  16. wow, that looks delicious and summery! and that vinegar tip for odor is going to come in handy. I will try it this weekend :)

  17. What a pretty salad- the apple-chickpea-mango combination sounds fresh and flavorful.

  18. What a coincidence, just wrote a similar recipe as a salad suggestion for an article I was writing, very healthy and tasty!

  19. From Linda in Michigan:

    I am currently in Northern Michigan and the scenery is fantastic, but my internet access is unreliable at best.

    Perhaps you'd post my comment for me, regarding your chick pea/apple salad: It sounds perfect for a warm summer evening and although I can't see the photo now, I can imagine it looks as wonderful as it sounds! I'll see the pics Monday night back on my own computer :)


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