Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mango Sour and a new series

A bunch of us at work were talking about how being Green also comes with some unexpected side effects. Corn based ethanol raising corn prices sometimes affecting people in other parts of the world, paper bags taking longer to disintegrate while plastic books can be squished and takes less space in the land fills. How did we get into this conversation? If I had been smarter I would have saved, if not a few trees atleast a few branches by pausing the printer while testing a printing program rather than printing and wasting a bunch of paper :( Small actions go a long way to rein in the damages of our unfettered consumption. I am going to share some simple ways that I know of, to go Green with this Green Earth series. Gentle readers you are welcome to participate and share your tips too.

    Green Earth

    Tip 1: Print on both sides of the paper. Use one sided flyers and brochures that land in your mail box for printing at home.

    Tip 2: Use reusable grocery bags as opposed to plastic or paper bags.

    The prices of these reusable grocery bags have come down to about a dollar, sometimes even less, all the more reason to buy and use them.

Mango Sour
On my usual morning stroll through the blogs last weekend came upon this mouth watering Souree Sour that Cynthia had posted on Tastes like Home that made me stop in my tracks. I had to abandon my stroll to rush off and pen a request for the recipe with mango which landed in my mail box the same day. Thanks Cynthia, though I am not familiar with and don't know where to find Souree I did have some green mango handy. Followed her recipe exactly but for the addition of sugar. Zlamushka says this will be a good contribution for Tried and Tasted (T&T), methinks too. So here goes. I have enjoyed Cynthia's delicious recipes, love reaing her weekly columns and am glad to participate. Thanks Zlamushka.


1. 1 Green Mango roughly peeled and chopped, save the seed with a bit of flesh on it
2. 3 Red chilies roughly broken up (I used kashmiri chilies)
3. 1 tsp of salt (or to taste)
4. 1 tsp of brown sugar
5. 1 cup of water

1. In a sauce pan combine the mangoes, chilies and enough water to cover the mangoes
2. Bring to a boil with the lid on and then in medium heat simmer till the magoes become soft and all water is gone.
3.Mash the mangoes with a spoon and add the salt and sugar.
4. simmer for a minute more.

We enjoyed them with chapathis.


  1. Mango sour looks really great ISG. Pretty spring-like colors! Cynthia's recipes get my mouth watering too :) Green series is a nice idea. How about the garden recycling: coffee grounds and brown paper filters, along with crushed eggshells all make great garden additions to enrich the soil and discourage crawling insects that like to eat tender stems. Also how about your homemade bug soap recipe?! :) Enjoy the lovely weekend!

  2. Hi ISG,
    Mansi of fun and food pointed out that april 22nd is Earth Day. Ive been preoccupied with food miles for a while, i.e the distance a certain food travels to reach my plate. Ive just about got a map up and running on my blog Sometime foodie where I hope to maintain a log of the food miles on the foods I buy. This is my attempt to buy local and reduce carbon emissions.

    I guess going green in the kitchen will have a lot of different aspects. Ive gotto find a way to stop using bounty for cleanups first!

  3. mango sour looks delicious..i love time add some methi seeds it will taste great.

  4. Green series is just awesome... I will be watching out for the tips and looking forward to contribute to the series..

  5. love ur dish and love ur environment friendl post too.

  6. ISG, I am looking forward to 'Green Earth'. Hoping to learn more from you.

  7. wow this looks it:)

  8. thats a nice one...looking fwd for more on this indo!

  9. yummyyyyyy , I have a water in my mouth

  10. WOW..Mango sour looks so goooooood, moutering!!!!!

    Plz do visit @

  11. I'm looking forward to your green series!
    The printing issue is a huge thing with me. I think that we way we "work" has to change, with hard copies of memos being distributed, hands-outs for each and every meeting and this whole concept of work coming to a standstill without every small thing being printed and filed. These days, I have started chanting this little mantra to myself "Think before you print" in order to triple-check everything before I hit print. All too often I used to hit "print" and say oops, I forgot to change the number of copies from 3 to 1, or oops, I see a typo that I need to fix. I am learning slowly :)
    The is hard to believe that people still worry about paper and plastic. I grab my bunch of Indian-style subzi-mandi bags and go :D
    Ooh...sorry for the looong comment!

  12. Nupur you are so right, we have to change our mind set. Reading from a paper feels much more comfortable than reading from the screen but print-to-file drivers like "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" or "Adobe Distiller" are useful during drafting and testing. They print to files and preserve the formatting and show exactly how the printed copy would look.

  13. Aah, wasteful printing is a pet peeve of mine too... this is a great series Indo! That mango sour is making my mouth water...

  14. Hi... This mango sour looks mouthwatering... nice recipe... YUM!....

  15. Wonderful series, Indo! Am constantly on my husband's case abt wasting paper. Always green grocery bags for me, too! Mango sour looks delicious. :)

  16. Mango is something that I have been cooking with more of late. This does sound like a fine way to enjoy this fine fruit!

  17. This is so good, I am drooling, going to make it soon

  18. Great new series, ISG! Looking forward to future posts on this. Hey, and the mango sour is looking really enticing.

  19. Oh gosh girl! I want some of that sour and thanks for the tip on sugar. I have been thinking that it might be nice to add a touch of sugar to it. Gosh your sour looks so inviting.

  20. Oh my goodness your mango sour looks so fantastic. I like the idea of putting a little sugar in it. I had been mulling around with the idea of putting sugar in it but you have just convinced me.

    Gosh hon, your sour has me drooling!

  21. The mango sour looks delicious, ISG! I love your green series! Today is Earth Day and it is perfectly timed! :)
    Kokum rasam sounds delicious. Never tried kokum before. Keep those green tips coming, ISG!

  22. Mango sour looks so great. Lovely twist. And those green tips are great. Thanks for such a fabulous entry.


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