Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flavored Curd Rice with Raw Banana Fry

Ah Spring! it is finally here. The trees everywhere are in full bloom and the birds are singing. We even have gold finches visiting. Courtesy: Linda. We also have cardinals, robins, orioles, a woodpecker or two all making their appearance. They are a joy to watch.


Cooking enough rice to last for just one meal is a delicate dance I bet most everyone is familiar with. Putting leftover rice out for a meal is not going to make you popular person but make some flavored curd rice your popularity soars. Paired with lemon pickles or a spicy potato or banana fry the meal becomes a joyous one.

1. 1 1/2 Leftover rice warmed in the microwave with a sprinkle of water and clumps broken up
2. 1 Cup of Warm Milk
3. 1/2 Cup Curds
4. handful chopped coriander leaves
5. a few curry leaves
6. 2-3 green chilies chopped into round
7. 1/2 inch piece of ginger chopped fine
8. few pepper corns (optional)
9. 1 tsp urad dal
10. mustard seeds and cumin seeds
11. salt to taste

1. heat a pan with a few drops of oil,
2. brown the urad dal, add the mustar and cumin and when it pops
3. add the other leaves, chilies and the ginger mix it and switch off the heat
4. Pour the warm milk over the rice and mix with the curds
5. When the sauted ingr. cool add to the rice mixture with salt and set it aside for the curds to set (about 2-3 hours in a warm place)

Recipe Source: Taro Root Chips
Banana Fry
1. Steam cook the raw bananas in their skin (steamed for about 6-8 minutes)
2. Peel the skin and cut into slices
3. Mix with sambhar powder, salt and a bit of oil
4. Broil for about 6-8 minutes on each side till they turn golden brown.

Goes well with curd rice as a side.


  1. we haven't been getting curry leaves here for months now. we've been told there's some sort of temporary ban.

    the raw banana fry looks awesome.

  2. What a wonderful combo. I love it.

  3. this is such a comfort food!...actually its ages since this combi came about for me..:(

  4. mouth watering raw banana fry indo..iam going to try i have a raw banana with me.

  5. thats a very nice combo

  6. So in curd rice you always add milk ?
    I am not fond of banana chips but have liked curd rice whenever I have tried it

  7. Curd rice is the best comfort food ever!! The raw banana combo must have taken it to the next level!

  8. my hubby loves curd rice....and i love banana chips...great combo:)...

  9. Awesome looking curd rice!! Perfect with vaazhakkai fry, especially with the warmer weather getting here. :)

  10. Nice combo ... i love flavored curd rice ... have tried potato roasted this way, but raw banana is a good idea! Will try it out this way the next time :)

  11. perfecto!!!
    banana fry looks so tempting!

  12. This is a different way to make curd rice that I haven't seen before, ISG -- I must try. I can imagine it's so flavorful with the tadka resting in the rice :) Banana chips look perfect! Glad to hear your birds have arrived. Time for me to be out filling the feeders today (long weekend here) and maybe turn over the garden some, too :)

  13. An excellent idea for using up rice. The banana slices also sound delicious.

  14. Bee, that is interesting, my local Indian grocer seems to have a regular supply.

  15. I usually settle for arisi upma when cooking for one. But, yes, there is a ban on curry leaves. BTW, pairing creamy curd rice with crispy vegetable is my fav choice too. Ladies finger tops the list.


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