Monday, April 7, 2008

Burrito Bowl (Fish)

I sure do understand that April showers bring May flowers and benefits of early Spring rain for the vegetation but 2-3 days of gloomy overcast sky is not my cup of tea. But can't complain too much, gloomy weather does jack up the drive to eat spicy and tasty food and spend a bit more time in the kitchen. Burrito bowls are fun to put together with either fish, chicken or roasted vegetables.

The recipe is the same as Spicy Fish Burrito. Rice instead of corn and some fresh made salsa is the only difference.

Fish Burrito in a bowl

Burrito Bowl Assembly
1. Fried Tilapia fillets
2. Roasted strips of bell pepper and onion
3. Cooked Rice
4. Cooked Black beans seasoned with garlic, a bit of chili powder and salt
5. Salsa (finely cut onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves with a squeeze of lime)
6. Sour Cream
7. Garlic chili sauce , if heat not enough ;)

In the bowl place a bit of rice, black beans, roasted vegetables, salsa and the fish pieces on top with a dollop of sour cream. Drizzle the hot sauce.

Will the Olympics this year remind us of the heights of human achievement or something else altogether? The Silence - a reminder that economics overrides everything else. SAD.


  1. Very appetizing picture, ISG! Love the way you placed the ingredients in the bowl.

  2. Yum, yum, yum!! Indo, that's an awesome pic and such an easy recipe to put together. Nice one! :)

  3. pic looks very tempting ISG

  4. That was indeed an easy tasty dish..Creative...

  5. I simply love tilapia. I was introduced to this fish fillets by my keralite friend, myself and Noel, my 7 yr old instantly fell in love with this fish!!
    I will try this simple recipe!! That picture looks so delicious!!

  6. ISG, that is one tempting burrito bowl...wouldn't need any overcast sky to enjoy it :-D

  7. Here the weather has been really bad, burito bowl is welcome in my place anytime :-)

  8. I don't east fish but that bowl sure looks delicious, ISG! Love the bowl too.

  9. A bowl of confort, very tempting ur dish...

  10. wow!so yumm these

  11. Hi ISG,
    I would say yum yum...........very healthy too.


  12. That is a lovely pic. You are posting mid week too !!!

  13. Just look at your gorgeousburrite bowl, I'll forget all low digits in my bank book :)

  14. Olympics have lost their charm, for me a long time ago. Now the burrito bowl, that is a crowning achievement! :) What a great idea and it looks soooo tasty!

  15. What a delicious looking meal in a bowl!


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