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Tacos de Huevos - Tacos with Eggs and Sweet Potatoes with Tomato Salsa

Eggs and Kids make a happy pair, so any recipe that uses eggs alwasy piques my interest. Of late we have taken a liking to Sweet Potatoes especially the roasted one with just a bit of seasoning. So a recipe which uses Sweet Potatoes and Eggs have to be given a try. The recipe is from the Food Section of this week's Washington Post. This is a perfect brunch or a lunch dish. As for the family absence of rice is a major cause for celebration. There is no comparision to home made fresh tasting Salsa.

Recipe Source: Tacos de Huevos

Pickled Onions

Pickled Onions
1. 3/4 Red Onion sliced thin
2. Kosher Salt
3. 1 tsp of crushed cumin
4. Water
5. 1 tbsp of distilled white Vinegar + Apple Cider Vinegar
6. Pepper
7. Coriander leaves (I did not use them)

1. In a sauce pan heat about 2 cups of water. When it comes to a boil
2. add the salt and the sliced onions
3. add the Vinegar and let it boil for about 5-8 minutes and
4. Drain the onions and rinse with cold water
5. Toss with the cumin and pepper

Salsa and Tacos de Huevos

Assembled Taco with egg and sweet potato slices

1. 2 Sweet Potatoes washed and sliced and tossed with a bit of seasoning ( I used sambhar powder and salt) and spread them out on a baking sheet sprayed with oil
2. 4 Eggs
3. 4 Whole Wheat Tortillas
4. Shredded Asiago Cheese (optional)
5. Salt and Pepper
6. Pickled Onions


1. 1 1/2 Cups Cherry tomatoes
2. 2 Jalapenos slit and the seeds and stems removed
3. 5 cloves of garlic
4. 4 heads of shallots peeled and cut in half
Spread the Veggies on baking sheet with just a spray of oil
5. Salt

1. Broil the Veggies, the salsa veggies on the top rack and the Sweet Potatoes on the rack below for about 15 -20 minutes till the tomatoes, shallots and peppers are blackened on top.
2. Transfer the salsa ingredients to a food processor with some salt and blend leaving them slightly chunky
3. Heat a skillet and heat a tortilla, transfer to a serving plate.
4. Heat a second skillet, brush with a bit of oil or butter and break an egg, leave the egg yolk undisturbed or can be broken (as per preferance), season with salt and pepper, cover with a lid and cook for a few minutes till desired texture.
5. Place the egg on the tortilla.
6. Spread few of the roasted sweet potatoes, top with the salsa, pickled onions.
7. Sprinkle with the shredded cheese and finely chopped coriander if using.

Sprinkled with Shredded Cheese

Enjoy folded like a taco or a rolled like a burrito


  1. Looks like a wonderful brunch dish! Nothing like homemade salsa to wake up your taste buds! :)

  2. Great for brunch or anytime, indeed! ISG, the tacos look wonderful. And what I am going to do is tomorrow, go find some fresh onions and make a big batch of those onion pickles! :)

  3. ISG,this dish surely is fillingggg enough to go thru the day!

  4. Wow, this is my kinda brunch... Those pickled onions look great! I make these with just salt and vinegar.. It is a wonderful idea to add cumin, pepper and cilantro... Will try it next time...

  5. Nice nutritious breakfast! Carbs, veggies and protein all in one. Nice!

  6. This is one fine looking brunch! You are so right about salsa. My mom used to make jars of it in the Fall to ensure a year long supply. Now, I make up a small quantity when needed. It's easy to prepare and far healthier than grocery store varieties that are packed full of preservatives.

  7. i love the color of the onion ...its wonderful.. dish looks tempting!

  8. This looks very interesting....the salsa especially is so tempting!

  9. That was a nice salsa....Love them...YUM!...Nice recipe...I loved that onions....

  10. anything Mexican is great!! This is s a good, anytime recipe... Homemade salsa rocks!

  11. love the salsa looksss yummmm

  12. hi i was just looking at the recipes in ur blog.. came upon this recipe.. i just loved it..


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