Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunny Side Up on a Dosai

Sunny Breakfast Joy
"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day", no one has any arguments with that statement. The arguments come in when we decide what to eat for breakfast. There is only so many possibilities with limited time on a weekday. Some breakfasts take up very little time and is loved by all and there is nary a protest. A small quantity of dosai batter, eggs and a cup of fruit - a well balanced breakfast that might even put a smile or two on the face. The egg on the dosai is cooked sunny side up, the gooey yellow serves as the dip. No Chutney or sambhar required. It was a favorite when I was a kid, a bulls eye and toasted bread was a favorite Sunday breakfast in college and it has become a kids favorite now, no surprises there.

This is a welcome break from the sugary breakfast cereals they seem to prefer. Cereal is limited to once a week and so other appealing and well liked breakfasts are always welcome.

Eggs On a Roll a timely article in the Health Section of the Washington Post.


1. 1 Cup of Dosai batter (or even pancake batter works)
2. 1 Egg
3. Black Pepper and Salt for seasoning - No sambhar powder here :)

1. Heat a dosai pan ( a griddle)
2. Pour a laddle of batter and spread in a circular motion to form a dosai (crepe)
3. Break an egg on top (keep the yellow intact)
4. Cover with a lid and cook for 2-3 minutes (the time depends on how hard you want the yellow)
5. Sprinkle salt and black pepper powder on top.

Serve with a bowl of fresh fruit for a well Balanced Breakfast.

This goes to Mansi at Fun and Food - WBB#20 Balanced Breakfast Meals

Update: Srivalli over at Cooking 4 all Seasons is having a Dosai Mela and this is going over there. Thanks Srivalli, Dosai is one thing I cannot survive without, it helps in a pinch and it satisfies many a cravings and makes you feel right at home.


  1. Now that's a sunny start to the day! Sunny side up is my fav way of eating eggs! This looks so cute and appetizing, Indo! :)

  2. What, no sambhar podi? I can't keep reading... :):)

    Love the sunshine dosa with egg!

  3. wow, that looks neat! thanks so much for a wonderful breakfast!:)

  4. hyy i love egg dosai...a perfect breakfast indeed...cool entry

  5. I was introduced to eggdosai by Siv, we don't have it in Kerala... Surprized you didn't use the special Indo seasoning :)

  6. that looks great...btw hope you know I have a dosa mela going on...can send this to me too..:D

  7. YUM! Great idea. I know they make Egg paratha but dosa was new to me. Great entry. Did you see my Dosa mela at Aroma? ;D
    See you in May Indo, enjoy the Spring.

  8. i love this..beautifull egg dosai..Sunny side up(it shows up on dosa)

  9. looks great - like linda's egg on appam. i don't like yolk, jai does. he'll probably make it the next time we make dosa.

  10. Never heard of a Dosa topped with an egg, looks yummy and healthy though, will give it a try! Thnx for sharing!!


  11. never had dosa and egg ,nice combo

  12. Dosa wt EGG is totally new concept, amazing combo..lovely pic, ISG!

  13. exactly how we make muttai dosai.. however i have to have mine hard cooked...Goes perfectly with thakaali kosthu or thakkali kuruma !!

  14. Thats such a wonderful idea, would love to have a dosa like that

  15. On a dosa?! No way! Well, what do I know...

  16. Just tried to leave a comment and not sure it worked, so I'm leaving it again. I love this idea!! I've been into making dosai lately and I eat a lot of eggs. Thanks for this. I'm printing this off.

  17. Sandeepa and Anita - try with rotis , tastes yum on that too :)

    Lisa give it a try you will like it for sure.

  18. okay, others have asked and I feel I must too, no sambar powder? I make a similar thing and I pair it with sambar/ turmeric hash browns.


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