Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baked French Fries (Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes)

What is it with French Fries especially those that come from the Golden Arch? I confess I am not immune to them either. DD came with straight A's on her report card last week and we offered to take her for a treat but did not explicitly say she could choose a place to go eat. It never occured to me that she'd choose something over a place to go eat :( She wanted to go buy a game for her Game Boy which was turned down by her dad (she has way too many and too little time). It goes without saying that her first choice for eating out was McD. The French Fries from there are truly addictivedipping them in Spicy Mustard sauce and Ketchup. We don't eat there often usually once a month is the limit set for DD and DD2.

Spray Painting!

I offered to help DD's teacher with some spray painting for a project they were doing for their Artist in Residence program. Well I did not realize how hard that could me for someone who is not very artistic and has never used spray paints before. I had bitten more than I can chew, being cold outside I decided to do it indooors - bad idea, the whole house smelled of toxic fumes so had to carry the whole setup to the garage and do it there and then spend about an hour cleaning up the mess inside the house. Phew... "Alls well that Ends Well" to quote Shakespeare so when everything was finished a celebration was called for, so we decided to bake some French Fries. The kids jumped on the idea and generally made themselves helpful!! The Kids gave the final results a thumbs up! Seasoned with just salt and some sambhar powder, even French Fries can become a healthy snack :)

For crispier fries, broil first on one side flip and broil on the other. I got tired of the "is it done yet" and did not broil on both sides.

1. 2 Russet Potatoes
2. 1 Sweet Potato
3. 2 tsp sambhar powder
4. Salt to taste
5. 1/2 - 1 Tbsp of Canola oil (optional)


1. Peel and Cut the potatoes to strips of the size desired
2. Toss the potatoes in the oil (this step can be left out if no oil is used)
3. Line a baking sheet and spray with a cooking spray
4. Arrange the potatoes in a single layer and spray a bit more cooking spray on them (if not tossed in oil)
5. Bake in a 400F oven for about 30 minutes
6. Remove and sprinkle the seasoning and broil for about 5 minutes more.

Enjoy with some ketchup or mustard sauce.


  1. Hi ISG, I confess to my weakness for Burger King fries, on occasion ;) Your baked fries look wonderful; congratulations to your daughter on the great report card! :)

  2. My kind of fries!! Love oven fries anytime. :)

  3. Burger king fries are the best!:))
    Yam fries are yummy Indo. Looks yum! Good job getting A's DD!:)
    Trisha got 3 A's one B in (4 AP's) last semester. B in AP Calculus which makes her frustrated!!:P

  4. lovely to eat....baking fries sounds great

  5. baked fries yummmmmy and healthy ,love them indosungod

  6. Wow those fries look great! Both of my kids too are french fry-fans! My mil makes yum ones-beating all the McD's out! Sambhar is a new flavour! Tks for sharing!

  7. Linda ofcourse Burger King too :) DD even certified my fries were better than McD's but I'd take that with a pinch of salt :)

    Kalai, yes without the guilt and fat :)

    Asha you are BB fries fan too? I like McD's :) Congrats to Trisha A's in AP courses is a big achievement, Calculus is not an easy one, ask her to go easy on herself.

    Dhivya, yes baking gives the freedom to indulge.

    Sagari, yes definitely healthier compared to the fried ones.

    Purnima, I add sambhar powder to anything that needs seasoning, milder than the pure chilli powder. How does your mil make them? I'd love to know and I am sure it beats McD's anyday.

  8. thank god they r baked:) or else i would have chased u around with a broom stick;)
    and what a novel way to use sambar powder. indo u rock girl:)

  9. so the broiling does the wonder, look so yummy!

  10. Those do look good! Homemade fries are always better than the fast food variety, and when they are oven baked, one doesn't feel as guilty about eating them.

  11. These are looking yummy - I'll try them out for my chubbock's birthday party (if we have electricity) - and now you've got me craving some...

  12. Hmmmm... fries... Love them a lot!


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