Monday, February 25, 2008

Shrimp Curry with Peas and Chinese Potatoes

I'd like to thank the sun for its life giving heat and light, the earth for providing us a habitable place to thrive, the oceans for their bounty and my family for providing the love and support to excel and make this wonderful dish most of all apologizes for not treating the afore mentioned without the respect they deserve, gosh! I am so nervous and so hopeful. Well well, this is what happens when you watch Oscars late into the night :)

The inspiration for this dish is Indira's Baby Aloo in Tamarind-Chilli Sauce and a huge amount of thanks are in order for her. The standards of excellence set by her is a pipe dream for me but an aspiration nevertheless. The family given a choice chose the ocean over the earth hence the shrimp substitution.


Recipe Inspiration: Baby Aloo in Tamarind-Chilli Sauce

1. 10 - 15 cleaned and deveined shrimp
2. 2 Medium sized juicy tomatoes finely chopped
3. 1 Medium Red Onion chopped fine
4. 1 tbsp lemon juice
5. 1 tsp turmeric powder
6. 1 tsp chili powder
7. seasonings: mustard (optional), cumin curry leaves
8. 1 cup of thick tamarind extract
9. 1/2 cup Green Peas
10. 1/4 Chinese Potates (I used the frozen)

Clean the shrimp and marinate in turmeric, lemon juice, salt and chili powder

1. 2 Red Chilies
2. 3 cloves garlic (sauted slightly in a bit of oil)
3. 1 tsp cumin seeds

Blend the above to a smooth paste adding a little bit of the tamarind juice if required

1. In a Kadai, heat oil add the seasonings and when spluttering
2. add the onions and saute till soft
3. add the blended paste and saute for a few more minutes
4. add the tomatoes and when soft add the tamarind juice and let it boil
5. now add the shrimp, peas and potatoes ( shrimp can be pre sauted in oil, I did not)
6. add salt, let cook till the shrimp turn pink.
7. At this stage if the curry is not the consistency required, fish the shrimp out and set aside
8. let the gravy simmer, check for salt and heat and when desired consistency reached
9. add the shrimp back and let cook for a minute or two.


Serve with steamed rice.


  1. I made Cod fish dishes at last, got to buy some Prawns to experiment now!:)
    Masala looks yum!

  2. Delicious. I am just droling over it :-)

  3. Love this dish Indo, prawns and tamarind is a great combo...

    BTW, looks like someone has been practicing her acceptance speech in front of the mirror :D

  4. Something happens to the prawns when I cook them with potato! So I don't. Your post made me laugh when you said your family chose the ocean over the earth :)

  5. Love the color and flavors in this dish! I'm always up for new shrimp dishes and this sounds great! Thanks to you, Indira, the academy. Oops... Still recovering from the Oscars, too! :)

  6. My mom makes it very often except the peas. The curry looks very delicious :)

  7. ISG, I have missed out on many recipes, I just caught up with! All the dishes r fab! The curry looks very inviting! U WERE IN EGYPT!! :D (i m pretty glad to know new aspects of ISG!) Hv a gr8 week! n Tks for sharing!

  8. Lovely gravy! This would have tasted so yummy!

  9. And the golden spoon goes to...

    Yummy looking shrimp! :)

  10. ISG, I hv passed on a much deserving award to you, kindly chk my Awards Night titled post and I shall feel honoured if you accept it! Tks!

  11. Sra, I would not use the regular potatoes with this dish, the kind I used where Chinese Potatoes which don't fall apart that easily and taste pretty good with the shrimp.

  12. Prawns and tamarind shd be an awesome combo. I think I want to try this roti..what do you say?

  13. Indo, I can just imagine how good this is! And with rice, even better.

  14. shrimp and peas wow, looks so yummy with rice

  15. Very innovative dish Indo - prawns and potatoes are a great combo and the tamarind must make it very flavourful!


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